Tip – I Just Set the Alarm on My Timex Ironman Watch and I Can’t Turn the Darn Thing Off!

Hope you didn’t set it too early.

Haven’t we all had moments like this!

You had nothing but the best intentions of course, when you set yourTimex IRONMAN Watch for 6:30am. You were determined to do that morning run if it killed you!

Of course best intentions are all good, but when 6:30am rolled around, your first reaction was predictable wasn’t it… at that moment in time, you wanted nothing better than to DESTROY your Timex IRONMAN watch, or at least turn that darn beeping off so as to squeeze another hour of sleep in before work!

Ok, so you probably (somehow) managed to turn the thing off. Or maybe you took the easier route and just pulled your pillow tightly over your ears until the damn thing stopped, and it worked.. Briefly, but now the #@”! thing goes off EVERY morning at 6:30am like, er… clockwork! Arrrrgggg! why do those IRONMAN watches have to be so efficient??

While I’ve heard a sledgehammer is a common solution to this common problem, please don’t despair, for I show you a way to unset your alarm that does not involve the mutilation of your timepiece.

The standard Timex IRONMAN watch looks something like the layout below:

(I cannot show a picture here, so please refer to the link in my signature)

Please note: I am attempting to keep this information as general as possible, however there are many Timex IRONMAN watch models on the market and this information might not apply precicely to every single model out there. I do believe the ALARM function works in a similar way in many IRONMAN watches and what I say here will apply in most cases.

Ok, so when the alarm is going off, simply pressStart/Split orStop/Reset to disarm the alarm. To know when your alarm is armed, a clock icon will appear on the face of your Timex watch, when disarmed, the clock will disappear. If the alarm goes off and you make the mistake of waiting it out in the hope it will go away, a back-up alarm will fire up five minutes later for further tormentation.

So now the quick fix is out of the way, here is how to turn the alarm off permanently:

  • press the MODE button until you are in ALARM mode
  • press SET/RECALL to configure the alarm
  • PressSTOP/RESET (-) orSTART/SPLIT (+) to cycle through alarms
  • When you have selected the alarm you wish to erase, hold down STOP/RESET (-) to clear the selected alarm.

Ahh peace of mind at last!

Oh, and if you were actually wondering how to SET the alarm, be sure to look out for this topic on my blog soon.