Tippmann X7 Phenom – Tippmann Blasts the Web With a New Revolutionary Marker

Tippmann's release of the new X7 Phenom may be more than just a new paintball gun on the block. It could be a 'changing of the guard' in terms of how Tippmann sees woodsball paintball. Although at face value the Phenom X7 looks very similar to a standard X7. Dive a little deeper into the internals and you'll discover what all the chatter is about. Inside the Phenom is a completely different valve system than the traditional powertube front and rear bolt set-ups seen in nearly all Tippmanns in use today. Tippmann's new FlexValve uses a forward moving bolt. This new system also allows the X7 to function on 300 psi. That results in a pretty efficient paintball gun with next to no kick.

The Phenom's feeding system appears to be the same cyclone feeder that's been bolted to every X7 and A5 to ever come out of the Tippmann Factory. Looks can be deceiving because this cyclone feed system will consistently load at 20 bps with no after upgrades. I redesigned paddle system and some pressure tweaking has made this system the best cyclone feeder to ever come out of the factory. A Tippmann Cyclone Feed System that can actually work on a gun that runs at 300 psi, now that is amazing.

BT Paintball was really the first to bring the concept of internal air delivery into the forefront of woodsball. They borrowed it from very popular guns such as the Invert Mini and made it a huge selling feature on the BT TM-7 and TM-15. The X7 Phenom has no external airlines as well, definitely yielding a much cleaner look. Less airlines normally means less connections which since leads to less leaks and fewer headaches.

The trigger uses the hall effect technology seen in the previously released X7 and A5 Selector Switch Egrips. This searless mechanism has served Tippmann owners well incorporating five built-in firing modes with faster, smoother activation. One of the best features of the electronic X7 Phenom is that the trigger frame will work with or without a battery. Which is good news for anyone who was stuck in the trenches with a dead battery or a defective electronic board.

Tippmann didnt change everything about the X7. It will still keep its title as one of the most customizable paintball guns on the planet simply because most of the factory X7 upgrades will also fit the Phenom. You can be confident that aftermarket companies everywhere will come up with new parts and upgrades to make the X7 Phenom even better.

Only time will tell if the woodsball world will welcome the Tippmann X7 Phenom with open arms. Phenoms production should be in full swing and out to dealers and retail stores by late November, 2009.