Tips and Tricks on How to Install Your New Porch Swing

If you have a front porch it practically claims that you also have a porch swing. If you do not have one, get one. If you do but it's rotten or falling apart, buy a new one. Your family will thank you for it as they sit outside an enjoyable beautiful evenings away from the television.

Most people hang their swings from the porch ceiling, but some will get outdoor gliders that sit on the ground. This article will discuss how to hang it from the ceiling.

1. When you buy your swing be sure to get the hanging kit with it. No sense in going after the parts later. Most swings already include the kit, but double check for sure and buy it separately if necessary.

2. For even more comfort get the special springs which are more tightly coiled and act as shock absorbers. This will give you an even more enjoyable experience.

3. Locate the closest overhead support beam to where you want the swing placed. Be sure there is enough clearance. Drill do initial holes at the proper spacing. This pre-drilling prevails the beam from splitting.

4. Use four chains, two from each hook, to hang the swing from the beam.

5. Screw all hardware securely into the beam and use chain connectors for improved safety. Make sure everything is secure before actually hanging the swing.

6. Using at least 2 people lift the swing into position and onto the chains. Adjust the chain length to make sure both sides are even and at the right height off the ground. Give it a test!

Suggestions and Warnings:

1. Never let children stand or swing unattended. This is a porch swing not a swing set. Young children like to swing wildly and should be monitored for safe usage.

2. If your swing is real wood check for splinters and broken areas regularly. Seal them as needed.

3. If your swing is painted you'll need to repaint once in a while to keep it looking fresh and clean.