Tips For Buying Safes

When you buy safes you should consider many things to be sure you get the best one possible. You want protection against fire damage and from a burglar. You also want to be sure the safe works properly for you and never have a malfunction.

When you look at safes you want to be sure you find one with a proper lock. There is nothing like installing a heavy duty safe in your home and finding the combination lock malfunctions shortly after. This could cost you quite a bit of money in having the safe removed and broken into in order to get your belongings. Locks that are U.L. Group 2 or better are the only types you want on your safe. The three most dependable manufacturers of these locks are Sargent & Greenleaf, LaGard, and Kaba Mas.

Safes need to have at least half-inch thick solid steel doors. Many manufacturers save money by making many safes with thin sheet metal. The problem is that any thief or burglar could easy break into a safe this thin. The thicker the door, the harder it will be to break into.

Safes should contain relockers which will help ensure the safe remains locked. A relocker is a mechanism intended to keep a safe locked in the event of a burglary attempt. In case there is a burglary, a trigger will set off the relocker which will lock the safe and make it impossible to open without hours of drilling. Not all safes have the same number of relockers on them. The number of relockers usually depends on the size of the safe.

When you are looking at safes you might not be satisfied with a standard safe. You can find custom safes to fit your need with the size, finish, and interior. One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan on placing your safe above the ground floor be sure it weighs less than 1000 pounds.

Safes are the best thing you can use to ensure your documentation and expensive jewelry is safe from burglary and fire. When you are looking for the right safe you want to be sure you choose one with thick enough metal and not sheet metal. Also, find a safe with relockers. The lock on the safe should be from a dependable manufacturer and you should consider a lightweight safe if it is going to be an above ground installation. You can hire professionals to help you hide a safe in your home if you want to put one in the floor or in the wall of your home.