Tips for Buying the Right Floor Tiles for Your Home

Buying floor tiles may come across as being simple enough. However, just simply browsing to the 'floor tiles' category of a local tiles website or just asking an offline seller to show you their bestselling floor tiles is not enough. If you really want to end up with the right floor tiles both in terms of aesthetics and durability then there are quite a few things to consider as we will look at below.

Light colors

To start off with you need to decide on the right color scheme for your floors. If your rooms are small and dark then light colored tiles are the best choice. If you have large rooms then you can choose darker shades like gray or wood colored tiles.

Do not be afraid of being adventurous

If you have been itching to try the latest colors and designs which you see then do not let the colors in contrast to the size of your room stop you. You can always start by installing the tiles you want in one room and see how that works out prior to planning to redo your entire home.

Never compromise

People need to see tiles as being an investment and not actually a cost which in the later case may lead some people to choose cheaper and lower quality tiles. If you find tiles that are expensive but you really need to have them then look around there are always cheaper sellers willing to offer you a discount.

Always plan ahead

When buying floor tiles it is strongly advised to add an additional 5-10% extra than the number of tiles you actually need. This will allow you to compensate for things like breaks and cuts. Also, having a few tiles just in case you later see that one of the tiles is cracking or the mason made a mistake. Also, many companies offer a refund on tiles which were not used.

Always blend in the grout lines

Your tile grout color needs to compliment the tiles you are buying so that they can blend in.

Bigger not always a better option

If you think that the floor will need lots of tile cuts around the fittings and fixtures then make sure to choose smaller tiles to ensure that there is the least bit of cutting.

Use decors and borders

You will want to add a bit of extra class by breaking up the wall tiling and adding decors.

Check suitability

Always check the wear rating of the floor tiles you're interested in purchasing. This is called the PEI rating and varies depending on the area it is meant for. You may also want to ask the store you are buying floor tiles from if they have ceramic or sometimes porcelain tiles since porcelain is excellent for outdoors and regular domestic floors where heavy traffic is expected.


If you are in the market for natural stone tiles it is important that you get the right advice for both treating and sealing the tiles prior to and after they have been fixed.