Tips For Choosing a Good DJ Laser Light For the Home Or Mobile Disco

Adding a DJ laser light to your disco setup, bedroom DJ or club venue is something well worth considering. A laser light creates stunning visual effects that enhance your music and make people stand in amazement with the patterns and light strobes that they produce.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get very good disco laser light as they are becoming increasingly cheaper and are now great value for money. It is very important when you are trying to create the right impression with your DJ or mobile disco and adding good effect lights and more importantly a good laser light actually takes you to a different level and allows you to stand apart and above the other mobile DJ’s with their few patterned lights and light boxes that are the norm.

A laser light is effectively a very simple device that converts sound into electrical pulses and then it shows this as pulses of light through a small laser head. Most lasers include an inbuilt microphone which is used for picking up the sound of your music and then taking the low frequency (bass) from the sound input which it then converts light pulses and into a lazer light show.

There are different types of laser units but the most common are the red or green laser light, and more recently multi-colour head units that can have 2 or more colours. There is not a great deal of difference when it comes to choosing a colour of laser as both red and green produce similar results and with a normal powered laser (30mw) then you can select on just personal preference.

It is common on a DJ laser light to incorporate a connection provision to an external DMX controller which is a device to allow multiple lighting effects to be connected in-line and then gives you the advantage of a synchronised light show with even programmable patterns that each light follows. If you ever wondered how nightclubs create their fantastic light effects with 4 or more lights following the same patterns on the dance floor then you now know that they are using a DMX controller.

DJ laser lights are a brilliant addition to any bedroom DJ setup and you can have you own amazing home laser show that will leave your friends amazed. However, do not think that your laser will only be suited for a small room as most cheap laser units will be enough to fill a small hall or pub venue which is another good reason to get one as you can take them out for your DJ playing nights.

You will also find that most big nightclubs will have at least one laser light and normally they are commercial units that are water cooled and capable of creating stunning visual effects and animations with 1000’s of metres coverage. They will combine the use of a smoke machine to further enhance the visual effects of their lasers and the smoke produces light refraction and you can seem waves and streams of light rather than the beams – so a smoke machine is recommended but certainly not essential.

These days you will be able to find a big array of different laser lighting on the market, we usually recommend Chauvet laser heads. Your local DJ store will usually stock several makes, however they can steer you towards the most expensive models so buyer beware. You can obtain some good discounts and great deals on disco lighting however you would be advised to do some online research to get the very best prices.