Tips for Choosing Carpet Color

Choosing a carpet color is an extremely important decision. It says a lot about you, your taste and your home in general. At the same time, it will affect the way your room looks and whether it works with other items, including your wallpaper or paintwork and your furniture. Here are some tips to choose the perfect color for your carpets.

Think About the Room Size

The first thing you need to do is consider the size of your room. If the room is exceptionally small, you can opt for a lighter shade. Darker options will just make the room look even smaller than it already is. Light ones allow the light to bounce off it and works well with the lighter wall shades too. For a larger room, you will get away with all types of colors.

Work With Your Color Scheme

What colors are your walls? Your carpet color needs to work with that. If you have bright orange walls, that bright pink carpet is not going to work! Neutral wall shades are great to work with but what about when you have patterned wallpaper? What about the kids’ rooms? The trick there is to pick a color within the pattern and work with that for your flooring. For example, if you have red roses on your wallpaper, consider applying red carpet in the same shade.

Consider Family Members

White carpets are beautiful when first bought but what about the risk of spillage? Chances are that you will be so worried about spilling the red wine or someone dragging in mud that you will have rugs down and cover up your new addition. You also need to think about your family members. A white carpet with pets or babies around is not going to last long. Darker colors will hide stains better. They also look better if there are a lot of people walking around on it.

If In Doubt…

If you are still struggling, browns and beiges are excellent options. They offer a neutral look without being too bland or boring. They are light but can still take foot traffic and stains. They work with the majority of wall colors too.

Watch out when you’re hunting for a new carpet. Picking the color is more than just opting for something that you like. When you choose a carpet color, you need to match so much in your home.