Tips For Cleaning Rubber Auto Floor Mats

You may have the most expensive and the most protective auto floor mat in your car, but how sure are you that it will last long to serve you? If you don’t want to spend often in purchasing new mats to replace your damaged mat, you would have to know how to take care of your floor covering for it to last longer and protect your car’s floor board and upholstery effectively.

One of the mot popular floor covering available in our market right now is the rubber floor mat. This product is popular because it is so convenient to use and clean and it looks good on the floor. This type of mat is so good in protecting your car’s interior from harmful foreign particles, it can take a lot of abuse from and still look goon on your vehicle’s flooring. But like any other maintenance materials, this too needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it in good condition.

Cleaning your auto floor covering is very simple, and it can take not more than 10 minutes of your time. Here are the things you will need:

-Hose and water source

-Vinyl/rubber protectant

-Microfiber towels

Step 1, take the floor mat out of your vehicle and place it on a flat and hard surface.

Step 2, rinse the dirt off using the hose. Use a high pressure to blast off any dirt or mud that dried on the surface of your mat.

Step 3, Pick up the mat and shake the excess water off.

Step 4, spray the rubber protectant onto the surface of the rubber, make sure you spray the entire surface of the mat.

There are many types of vinyl/rubber guards available in the market right now, there’s a high gloss, neutral and low gloss. Choose according to the design of your preference and design of your mat.

Step 5, wipe the rubber using the microfiber towels thoroughly.

Step 6, spray additional vinyl protectant on dry areas of the mat, leave no dry areas unsprayed.

There you have it, a clean auto floor mat!