Tips For Learning to Ride Switch on a Snowboard

If you have been snowboarding for a little while and are starting to feel pretty comfortable, chances are you will soon want some extra challenges such as hitting the terrain park and landing some jumps. Learning to ride switch first will give you the extra confidence you will need for landing these jumps and keeping in control.

Riding switch basically just refers to riding the opposite to what you normally would. So if you are goofy, you would ride natural. And if you are natural you would ride goofy.

  1. If you have decided to learn to ride switch, then commit to riding nothing but for at least a couple of days. For a while, it may feel like you are learning to snowboard all over again, but it is the easiest way to get the hang of it.
  2. Also, consider the way your binding settings are set up. The ideal set up for riding switch is duck stance, something like 15 and -15 for example.
  3. Practising flat 360 spins could be a great trick for getting more comfortable riding switch. Start with your dominant side until you feel comfortable, and then start on your “less dominant” side.
  4. Another great tip is practising on only one foot. Find a nice, flat strip with no on around, strap your regular front foot in and ride switch. This will teach you a lot about weight distribution.
  5. Be aware of how your body is moving as you turn. Is it turning the correct way, or is it still going the way it is used to
  6. It sounds lame, but with practice and more practice it will become much easier