Tips For Making Your Gift Memorable and Fun to Receive

The art of giving gifts has been in existence in all cultures since the beginning of time. We are hard-wired to give gifts. This is an admirable quality in mankind, generosity, whether in small gestures or in grandiose events is a positive attribute of human nature.

Unfortunately, throughout through the relentless browbeating of the marketing masses we sometimes tend to make gift-giving a requisite chore rather than a true expression of sharing and celebrity. Nowadays it has become the norm to give a gift certificate or gift card with the expectation that the receiverant will choose a suitable gift themselves. Not a terrible idea, as it could be argued we are eliminating the possibility of giving a wasteful, non-useable gift that will fill up our landfills and we are reducing our carbon footprint by saving the drive and time spent returning gifts.

But where is the fun in a plastic credit card sized gift card?

With a bit of imagination you can make your gift personable and a lot more enjoyable to receive. Give your gift personality. Presentation counts!

Spa gift certificates are hugely popular especially during Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. They are always appreciated but not really very exciting to unwrap. Opening an envelope is the same whether it is getting your monthly telephone bill or receiving a pre-printed gift certificate. It does not take very much money to take this gift from boring to fun. Try wrapping your gift certificate with a pair of inexpensive flip flops to go with that pedicure, or a nice bottle of nail polish for a future manicure. There are lots of small spa type items to add to your certificate to make your gift much more exciting than just opening an envelope.

Movie passes are great gifts for teens. If you want your teen to remember the generosity of your gift try attaching the movie passes to a big bucket of designer popcorn or add a pair of 3D glasses.

A gardener would love a nursery gift card – slip it into a pair of brightly colored gardening gloves. Buy an ethnic cookbook and wrap it up with a selection of spices that are used in the recipes.

Wine, after flowers, is the second most popular item for hostess gifts. It is also becoming a favorite for birthdays, housewarmings and a variety of celebrations. After choosing a special wine gift, do not hide it in a dollar store bag which is not much better than the liquor store bag it came in. Add a decorative bow such as NeckTyes, a combination decoration and card which attaches to the neck of the bottle. NeckTyes come in a variety of designs that express birthday, holiday or thank you sentiments. Do not give naked wine, take it one step up and give celebration wine!