Tips For Making Your Haunted House Fire Retardant

Do you know what is scarier than the scariest haunted house? A haunted house that gets shut down by the local fire marshal. In most jurisdictions the fire marshals are now making haunted houses use fire retardant products, like drywall, or plastic sheeting (polyethylene) that is Fire Retardant.

Some haunted houses have been made to install basic walls in recent years, because their fire marshals insisted they were necessary for meeting the fire safety requirements. Did you know there are far less expensive options available?

Tip # 1: Black Fire Retardant plastic sheeting/polyethylene to the rescue! Fire marshal’s love this product for this application. This polyethylene has been chemically altered when it was extruded, so it can no longer contribute significantly as a fuel source in the event of a fire. No more “exciting fires”! This product provides a very low cost option for making your haunted attractions meet the local codes.

Tip # 2: Another option is to paint on PyroTarp(TM)This coating is a new second-generation, environmentally friendly, thin-film intumecent/active refractory paint that is highly effective in reducing the spread of fire.

Even if your haunted house is not for commercial purposes, don’t let your precious little “monsters” burn your house down by using plastic sheeting that is not fire retardant!

Most fire marshals are looking for products that pass the NFPA 701-04 Test 1, and/or the CA Fire Marshal Title 19 fire standards. One should always check with fire authorities in their jurisdiction before erecting any haunted attraction.