Tips for Replacing a Light Bulb in an Onion Lamp

Normally when we talk about onion lighting most people think it as an old type of lighting or some classic lighting. However this is not just an old type of lighting. In recent times onion lamps are made much more beautiful and attractive. These types of lights can be used anywhere. One can use these lights as indoor lights inside your house, your office or you can use them outside your home or office. These lights look unique and have their own beauty. These lights normally have a round glass around the light bulb, so they are called onion lights.

Different types of light bulbs can be used inside these onion lamps. But mostly a small fluorescent bulb is used inside them. For outdoor use the glass around the bulb is made a little stronger so that it is not easily affected by weather. There is a cage around the glass too which keeps the glass safe. So your bulb is safe from surroundings. In modern times different shapes have been given to onion lamps to give it a new and attractive look. Onion lamps can be used anywhere you want.

They can be used in gardens, in pathways and at home as well. In the beginning onion lighting was mostly used in England. They were most used for outdoor purposes in England too. There is a glass and cage around the bulb so one can wonder on how to change the bulb inside this lamp. It is very easy to change the bulb however and I will give you a step by step procedure to follow.

First if your bulb is on please turn it off and let it cool for some time. Don’t try to remove a bulb which is hot or which is on. It can cause serious problems. Once the bulb is cooled down you have to remove the cage and the glass around the bulb. Normally they are fixed with the help of a bolt. So you can loose down the bolt to open the cage and the glass protection. Once you have removed the cage and the glass make sure that the bulb is not hot. Now grasp the bulb in your hand and turn it anticlockwise to remove the bulb. After removing the bulb plug in the new bulb and rotate it clockwise to fix it in the holder. Once it is fixed you are done.

Now place the glass and the cage around the lamp and fix it. Turn on the bulb and check if that new bulb is working properly. Now dispose of the old bulb which you have removed from the lamp. You can select a lamp according to your requirements. If you have a large area to cover you should buy a large lamp and if there is a small area to cover you can buy a small lamp. If an onion lamp is used for outdoor purposes, you should buy a big lamp. A good variety of onion lamps are available on Progress lights at affordable prices.