Tips for Selecting a Catchy Title for Your Book

When we look at book titles online, at the library or our favorite bookstore, we may look for a title that has mystery, humor, or has a sinister feel about it. On the other hand, we may need a title to be catchy or give insight about its contents in order to grab our attention. Some examples of simple, fun and memorable titles that I love are from books and movies like, Jaws, Sleepless In Seattle, Green Eggs and Ham, Along Came A Spider, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Finding the right title can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Try these suggestions and I am sure you will come up with a title that's just right.

Keep It Simple

A title can be a person's name, a place, an event or activity. Remember Forest Gump and how his character showed us that all things are possible and Hannibal who showed us cannibalism? How about Peyton Place or Mystic River? These movies had love and loss as the primary theme. A few of my personal favorites are Romancing The Stone and Finding Nemo, these stories represented a lively adventure. Try not to over think your title. Keep it simple and focus on your writing.

Play With Words

If you love playing with words then do it. You may remember the James Bond character in the movie Live and Let Die? That book to film had a catchy tune attached to it as well. What about War of the Roses? Who knew it would be a film about a married couple, with the last name of Rose, that were literally at war with each other. Your title can have a double-meaning like Stephen King's book titled Silver Bullet, which represented the name of the main characters wheel chair and a method by which to kill the werewolf that was out to get him. Consider the theme of your project and work a title from that.

Words In A Hat

If all else fails, jot down some nouns, adjectives, poems, song titles or lyrics on small pieces of paper. Throw them into a hat, pick a few and put something together. It could actually be a lot of fun. Elvis Presley had some cool song titles that could work as a book title. His songs Do not Be Cruel or Love Me Tender could be great titles for a romance or even murder mystery story. How about Michael Jackson's songs Billy Jean and Do not Stop Til You Get Enough? These titles could work for a story representing a person, place or thing that a main character has to deal with. There are so many wonderful titles that could potentially match your story just by using a favorite music group or favorite poet. The possibilities are endless.

Focusing too much on a title can take away the creativity of your writing project. Remember, if the content of your project is not well written it will not be worth reading, which can result in no one seeing the title you worked so hard to produce. Use these tips to help you have fun and select the perfect title for your well written manuscript.