Tips For Vertical Blinds in Angled Top Windows

Anytime you have an angled top window, it poses a difficulty when ordering horizontal or vertical blinds and shades. While some manufactures make angled head rails to help out with the problem, you do have other options to consider. Here we will discuss some options and give you some tips on getting the proper fit.

Guide to Measuring Angled Top Windows

1. Measure the width of the window frame.

2. When measuring the angle top for blinds or any other window treatment, you will want to take three separate measurements.

*a. Measure the width from the bottom.

*b. Measure the width from middle.

*c. Measure the width from the top.

3. Measure the height of the window.

*a. Measure from the bottom of the window all the way to the start of the angled top

*b. This means you will NOT measure the angle portion of the window.

*c. This measurement is the HEIGHT of you blinds.

Guide to Mounting the Vertical Blinds

1. First, make sure you have side mount brackets. You will need these to properly fit the window.

2. Attach the brackets to the window frame.

*a. Attach the brackets to the sides.

*b. Attach the bracket to the shorter side first, just where the angle starts.

*c. Attach the other bracket directly across from the shorter bracket.

*d. Use a level to make sure the brackets are installed at a level height.

*e. This will keep your head rail level.

Exposed Area of Window

In most cases, the top portion of the window is high enough that you can leave it uncovered and still maintain your privacy. However, you do not have to leave it uncovered.

Some companies offer a cut piece to fit the exposed area. The top covering can be matched to meet the same fabric, wood, aluminum or what have you, to the original vertical blinds. When the exposed spot is big enough, this can create a beautiful design. However, it will not open.

This option is especially useful and decorative for windows that are not angled but arched instead. Oftentimes, you can get a fan like effect over the blinds, which really set off the look and feel of the window.

Finding More Help for Angled Windows

If you have concerns about how to measure or what would look best then contact the company. A customer service representative should be able to answer all your questions.