Tips On Dating A Scorpio Man

You’ll find that dating a Scorpio male can be tiring if you’re not ready for it. So make sure before you say yes (or before you ask him out) that you’re up to this challenge. He is a complex person that will leave you either wanting for more or wanting to back off. A Scorpio male is very dominant so although he wants to be with confident and independent women he also wants things done his way. If you don’t agree on a certain issue with him you’re gonna have to try your best to make him see the things your way or to just arrive at a compromise.

When you find yourself on a date with a Scorpio man give him a little mystery and intrigue but don’t play games. For example, acting very interested and then turning cold and busy may work out but trying to make him jealous won’t. He is a very traditional man so he won’t take this lightly. A Scorpio male, first and foremost, wants loyalty and devotion and if he sees yours waver just a tiny bit he may just back off and look for other prospects. A Scorpio guys is usually a very established man so expect a lot of competition. Women tend to flock even when he is with someone. Don’t worry though, he is not easily swayed by an elaborate cleavage. Yes he’s a man and like any other man he will look but it takes more than just a little skin to get this guy. If he doesn’t like the whole package he won’t be seduced so there’s no use getting jealous cause he’s not an easy guy. Once a Scorpio guy asks you out it means he likes you and when he said he wants to move to the next level you can be sure of a secure relationship. He does not take commitments as a joke or something to just play with. One downside here is that these men tend to be loners. There are times they just want to spend time alone so don’t expect them to be around all the time. Give him space because once he gets over this phase he will want to spend every single day with you. Beneath the businesslike and hard facade a Scorpio takes his emotions seriously so play safe with this.

Last thing, don’t ever hurt a Scorpio male’s ego. Yes you shouldn’t do this to any man (or anyone for that matter) but some men takes more time to recover from any bruise or scratch a woman gives her. Praise him, put him on a pedestal, be sensitive to his needs and you will find yourself one of the luckier people to be with someone like a Scorpio guy.