Tips on How to Find the Female G-Spot and Making Her Putty in Your Hands

The G-spot has remained elusive in the past because in its sexually un-stimulated state, it is relatively small and difficult to locate. But it isn’t hidden away in some far off galaxy at the end of the universe. In fact, the G spot is only about 1-2″ deep inside the vagina, not very far at all. Feel around with your fingers on the front wall or roof of the vagina, just behind the pelvic bone and you find it. There, a wrinkly, prune-like tissue (the urethral sponge) will swell with fluid when aroused via firm, deep pressure, thus making it noticeable to touch.

How to find the G spot?

Since the G spot only reveals itself when women are very turned-on, it is very important to get her revved up first. You know, foreplay? Don’t just go poking around in there, make her hot and horny with other types of sexual stimulation, playing special attention to the clitoris, vulva and U-spot (the are around the urethra). Tongues and gentle massaging strokes work well here to get her libido fired and her G spot frisky.

Once she is aroused, you may then explore the internal vaginal wall (1-2 inches deep) and find the erectile tissue that will feel bumpy and more swollen than the surrounding smooth tissue. It is best to use your fingers for exploration at first by inserting 1 or 2 fingers and curling them in a “come-hither” motion that strokes the G-spot area. If you have long nails make sure to trim them first to avoid scratching the delicate inner tissues, or wear gloves and don’t forget the lube. In some women, the G-spot can be as large around as an apricot, but in others it may be as small as a cherry. She’ll know when you hit the it by the distinctive sensation it creates.

How to Stimulate the G spot

The best way to find out how to stimulate it is to explore what feels good to her. Try soft come hither strokes, circular strokes and when she moves her hips towards you start applying a little pressure. Ask her what feels good, or if she wants it harder, softer, faster, or slower. Use your lips and tongue to continue to stimulate her clitoris as well.

Make her feel relaxed and let her know how much this turns you on. A woman must feel comfortable and be allowed to get into her “zone”. Try to get her to breath deep and rhythmically as she pumps her hips towards you. This will engage the PC muscle which aids G spot orgasms and female ejaculation.

Once she is very aroused, apply gentle but firm pressure. Some women enjoy vigorous penetration and will thrust their pelvis up to meet you, positioning those thrusts to their best advantage. Usually, most women find that a deep, firm pressure is needed to arouse the G-spot.

At some point she may feel the need to pee. This is a normal and natural sensation. Make sure she doesn’t tense up or try to stop it, but continues to go with flow and feel the pleasure she is receiving.

Once her G-spot is swollen and engorged, she may want to try to ejaculate. At this point her arousal will be at a level where she will also feel her orgasm coming on. Some women feel “ejaculation rockets” (streaks of pleasure) shooting down their thighs.

When she is ready, allow her to push out as she orgasms and she may ejaculate. Some women ejaculate without orgasm simultaneously, and some women orgasm without ejaculating. There is no right or wrong way to get off, so whatever happens is right for her. Encourage her with your words and show her how much this turns you on.

If she doesn’t ejaculate or orgasm, that’s fine too. The point is about exploring the G spot and receiving pleasure. This is not a race, and being too goal-orientated can ruin the experience. The great thing about G spot stimulation is the more you try the better you’ll get and the better her pleasure and orgasms will be.

What does a G spot Orgasm Feel Like?

Well, every woman is different. But, often a woman will feel a building euphoria and elevated arousal. As the sexual energy of climax peaks, she may feel as though she is going to burst.

Women have described G-spot orgasms in many ways. Like a roar of sexual energy that is experienced as a deep, full-body quaking and total sexual release. Others are like a rippling effect that sends waves of pleasure tingling through her. G-spot orgasms can last longer than clitoral orgasms, with longer, deeper contractions and/or multiple contractions. Many women note that a G-spot orgasm comes after a series of smaller orgasms, when they are at the ultimate peak of arousal. To some women, G-spot orgasms are more powerful than any other type they have ever experienced.

Will She Pee on Me?

Yeah, well she may ejaculate, and some women do so quite profusely (from a teaspoon to a few quarts!). But, ejaculation is not urine. In fact, it has the same substances found in the prostate fluid of men. Female ejaculate comes from the Skene’s gland, which is like the male prostate and is responsible for female ejaculation. It is often clear or milky and tastes sweet due to the high glucose and fructose content, and is usually odorless. Just make sure you have some towels underneath her, just in case she not a “teaspoon” kind of girl. And, you may want to turn away to avoid the spray as some women can ejaculate 6 feet or more.

Will She Love it?

Again, every woman is different. Because we have been taught to suppress female ejaculation for centuries, and have been told it is only pee, many women still feel weird about it both physically and mentally. Some women may try to suppress their sexual response to avoid ejaculating. Others many not like the sensation, and it may even be uncomfortable or irritating. However, if a woman allows herself to get over the strange sensation and allows it to simply happen, she will most likely enjoy G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation.

G spot orgasms are often extremely powerful. If she does experience orgasm, she will most certainly be “putty in your hands”. And, each time will get better and better as you both learn what specific techniques work best for her. Remember, practice makes perfect!