Tips on How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Love handles are not made out of selfless love. Mostly, it is a result of a selfish love: to eat, drink … and eat some more, an understandable trait most of us share. The folding skin and fats around the belly area (that even extend to the back) are what love handles describe. They are stored deposits of fat that sadly become more prominent with age, especially with less physical activity and, yes, more food intake. You can get rid of love handles however.

There is no end for nicknames used for this condition of the male and female body. There is the pot belly, spare tire, the beer gut, and muffin tops, a slang term applied to women. Most of these names are not used to describe love handles for women as a woman tend to collect fat in the thighs and hips instead of the abdomen. There are indeed women who do have love handles, especially after giving birth. How to get rid of love handles in this case, is the question – and it's the same way as described below.

People do not like having love handles, not only does it reflect poor health but it also leads to low self-confidence. It takes some discipline and courage to get rid of love handles, so once you get started, you need to make sure there is no turning back.

* Tone The Muscle And Burn The Fat

Do sets of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. An aerobic exercise is done for long periods and with light to moderate exertion of force. Aerobic exercises include running, biking and other activities that require a lot of oxygen. Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, are quick bursts of muscle exertion while holding one's breath. Weight-lifting can be considered an anaerobic exercise.

The best thing to do to get rid of love handles is to do aerobic exercises everyday while doing anaerobic exercises at least three times a week. An everyday schedule at the treadmill will be enough while you can do different sets of weightlifting that can focus on the upper body.

* Have a Real Diet

The trick to get rid of love handles is to burn more fat than what you consume. Nothing new here, but if you tone the muscle and burn your fat but still eat like you used to, chances are, getting rid of love handles will be noticeably harder.

This is because the body reacts every time there is an impending change in its metabolic rate. If you attempt on restricting the usual amount of food that your body takes over night, the body reacts by lowering its metabolic rate. The key is to maintain the amount of food intake but lower its carbohydrate and calorie content until such time when you can introduce a lesser amount of food.

* Have The Discipline To Go On

Other than this, to get rid of love handles, you must have a slipline to stick to your routine, especially if you have already started. Say for example, if you stopped lifting weights in the middle of your program, the body reacts by rising more fats to compensate for the high metabolic rate than it has started to adopt.

You can motivate yourself to get rid of love handles by having measurements of your abdomen before and during the program. Remember that the body will react by bloating temporarily but if you maintain your diet and stick to the exercises, it will then improve your metabolic rate and you will start to see changes.