Tips on Installing Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Without Any Hassle

Wood flooring adds an altogether new dimension to a regular looking room or area. Though it was considered to be expensive options but with the foray of substitutes such as vinyl and PVC, it has become the hottest trend in the flooring arena.

Vinyl flooring is quite easy on pocket as compared to the authentic wood floor. The next question that pops up: is vinyl wood plank flooring easy to install? Well yes, with increased awareness and new techniques of flooring, installing wood based tiles and floors is more of a cakewalk. It just takes a few hours and some professional help to renovate the floor of your house with vinyl wood flooring.

The greatest advantage of Vinyl based floors over the authentic wood planks is that the former is waterproof, is available in planks (therefore numerous designs and patterns can be carved to lend an illusionary look) unlike the latter, that gets stained each time a liquid spills on it. Vinyl planks are not only scratch resistant but are quite durable in the long run, hence a great option to be used in bathrooms and kitchen of your house. It is quite easy to clean and inhibits the growth of mildew and moth

Here are a few tips that can help you in easy installation of your vinyl plank flooring

* Always start placing from the wall which is the line of sight for the room

* Highlight the boundaries using a chalk as it will help in getting a neat finish

* Start from one corner, peel off the paper backing and simultaneously place the plank on the floor

* It is advised to use the adhesive recommended by the vinyl manufacturer for better results

* Preferably use a floor roller to smooth the surface once the planks have been placed on the floor

Vinyl planks can be purchased in different designs and sizes; In fact there is an array of color available in the market such as maple, mahogany and oak that you can lay your hands on. And a lot of manufactures sell the self sticking planks that have an inbuilt adhesive and are quite hassle free to install.