Tips on Mounting Your Flat Screen With TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Installing a TV wall mounting bracket is a great idea to open up the space in your living room. Most modern homes have their TV mounted to the wall, so even if your home is older, this can be a simple way to bring it up to date. In addition to optimizing the space in your rooms.

Correct installation is the most important part of installing a TV wall mounting bracket. The last thing that you want to do is install your bracket incorrectly and have your TV fall off of the wall and break.

Once you have decided on and purchased the correct TV wall mounting bracket for your TV, you will need to install it. Here are some tips for installation:

· Determine the best location for your TV. You can do this by using a piece of cardboard that is the same size as your TV and taping it to various walls to determine the final location.

· Measure at least 40 inches, but no higher than 45 inches from the floor and make a small mark on the wall with a pencil.

· Using a laser level, draw a line across the top of your pencil mark.

· Take a stud sensor and locate the nearest stud to your marking, then locate the one next to that. Mark them with an "X" in pencil.

· Place the bracket against the wall and drill holes where the screws will be located. Next, add the screws and drill them into place, ensuring that they are being drilled into the studies.

· It is a good idea to run all of your cables through the wall. You can use either wire or a coat hanger to pull them up and out a predrilled hole near your bracket. If you need to, you can get an electrician to install a plug near the location of your wall mount. Wiring looks unsightly, so if it is all tucked behind the TV, you will not see it. You may consider running extra cables for future hookups, including a DVD player or surround sound unit.

· Lastly, lift your TV into position – you may need someone to assist you. There should be some rubber mounts on the back of your TV that slip into your TV wall mounting bracket. Before you both let go, wiggle the TV a bit to ensure that it is securely in place.

· Connect your wiring to the back of your TV and enjoy.