Tips to Install Mod Chip on Your Playstation2

PlayStation2 is a fine gaming console. It is slim and light-weight which enables the gamers to carry it around wherever they travel.

PlayStation2 amazes its users with its built-in Ethernet and modem ports which essentially mean that the users can take advantage of the online gaming as well. What makes PlayStation2 a phenomenon among the game addicts around the world is its ability to push the realm of entertainment with features that bring the gamers to the unpredictability of live competitions.

Millions of PlayStation2 are connected online almost every time; this basically means that the gamers have always someone to play against. The best part, however, is its ability to combine friction, gravity, and environmental elements to create astoundingly real physical simulations offering its users an experience of a life time. With the help of high-resolution 3D graphics, DolbyDigital AC3, and DTS sound capabilities, the entire experience of video gaming takes the users to a new zone.

If you are video game addict, PlayStation2 is the ultimate gaming console for you. Any serous gamer would swear by it and shell out anything to own it. However, you should know the ins and outs of using the PlayStation2 gaming console before it is ready for the game.

Generally, users of PlayStation2 ask about the installation of Mod Chip. Although, it is not too hard to install a Mod Chip on your PlayStation2, you need to have a little hands-on knowledge on electronics and   soldering   iron . Alternatively, you can buy one of those pre-modded PlayStation2 systems that are easily available online. Usually, pre-modded PlayStation2 systems cost a little higher due to the fact that they come with a life-time warranty on the installation.

In any case, if you want to install the mod chip on your PlayStation2 system all by yourself, the following tips would be immensely helpful to you.

Use the right chip:

There are 16different versions of playstation2 model available and each of the model require unique type of Mod chip. for installing the right Mod chip into your playstation2 first find out the version that you are using. You can make a search in Google to find the PS2model numbers and the chip compatible with it. or else you can purchase the universal PS2 Mod chip that works well with any version of PS2.

Use right  soldering   iron :

While installing the PS2 Mod Chip you have to  solder  a small section of the motherboard. For that you need a  soldering   iron  that has a small, fine tip. The  soldering   iron  that is rated at 15 watt will provide enough heat for  soldering  without hurting the PS2 console.

Use  solder  with flux in it:

Many people do the mistake of buying flux separately while buying  solder . But it may lead to unwanted use of flux and you may have to re-solder it in later date. But a  solder  with a flux helps the  solder  to attach to the wires and the  solder  points.

Use short wires:

While using Mod chip you are actually transferring the data and information to the motherboard of the PS2. It will be better if the data or information are covering less distance. If you are installing the Mod chip to the PS2, keep the wires as short as possible o avoid complexity.

Use 15 AWG wrapping wire:

The installation of the Mod chip into a PS2 console is sometimes spoiled due to the mere problem of choosing the wrong kind of wrapping wire. If the wire is too thick it may create difficulty while attaching it without touching any other part. The 15 AWG wrapping wire is the ideal one for the purpose.