Tips to Laminate Paper at Home

For those who want to protect important paper from any spills, tears, or any dirt that can cause damage, using laminating machine is the right solution. By laminating your paper, you will also make the paper looks more attractive. Some of the important things that people commonly want to laminate are certificates, awards, special drawings, and also paintings. Today, you can easily laminate your paper at home. Just follow some tips below and so will find that it is easier than what you think.

The first step that you have to do is to buy a roll of clear contact paper. It can be found in almost all craft stores and department stores.

The second step is to measure the size of the paper you are going to laminate. After that, you need to place it on the top of the contact paper.

The third step is to add one inch around all the sides of the paper you are going to laminate. After that, you have to mark the contact paper in a way to reflect this size. Then, you can make a draw that peels off on the side.

The fourth step is to cut out the contact paper on the lines that you have made before. Then, get a second sheet out of it. After that, you can cut the other piece with the same exact size just like the first.

The fifth step is to peel off the paper from the contact paper in order to reveal the sticky side. You have to be very careful to place the paper when you are going to laminate in the middle of sticky contact paper.

The last step is to smooth the paper out using your hand, moving from left to right. Finally, you need to trim the edges by using scissors so that your paper looks neat.