Tips to Planning a Graduation Party

Planning a graduation party is not an easy task. This is a very delicate party that may result in deep wounds that are refreshed by the memory every time that it is unintentionally ignored by old pals and friends talking about the past or simply being nostalgic.

First of all, there are two types of graduation parties. The first one is the group graduation party where all the graduates have fun and interact with their fellow graduates and teachers or professors. The other type of graduation party is the one celebrated in the comforts of ones home with the family after the group graduation or with a few friends of a graduate or a few graduates in a restaurant.

In the group graduation type of party, you should be able to determine the exact total number of people who are celebrating including the graduates' family, friends and whoever is invited to the graduation. This is very important so that there will be no food shortage when the party commences. Nothing is more annoying when you are in a party and having fun then you go stand up and get some food and find out that there is nothing left. This is the exact reason why planning graduation party is very delicate. Remember that it is always better to have leftover food after a party than to have nothing left of the food even before the party ends.

Another thing you should take note is to know the common interests of the graduations to be able to produce a program that could give them optimal entertainment. This is possible through identifying the graduates' demographics such as age, gender and lifestyle. After doing so you will be able to have a clear picture on what program you should be working on. A good example is creating a ramp model program for a batch that is all boys where the models are all girls. This will definitely create entertainment, satisfaction and fun while capturing the attention of the graduates.

For the second type of a graduation party, things are much simpler due to the fact that only a few people are attending it. It is very hard to plan the exact head count for this type of party so it would be best to have a higher than usual estimate of the number of people coming especially if you are a parent whose child is congenial.

Just remember that if you do things right, planning graduation party is going to be a piece of cake.

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