Tips to Revamp Your Vertical Blinds For the Modern Look

Vertical blinds are very convenient to use and fashionable as well. Many a times it happens that you do get bored with same color and fabric of your blind and you want to upgrade it to something new. Fashion is ever changing and it is important that you also update the fashion statement of your house. The best way to upgrade your vertical blinds would be to refurbish the blind fabric.

There are many ways in which you can refurbish your vertical blinds. It is best that you opt for fabric as your material for vertical blinds as whenever you want you can change the fabric of the blind. While you pick the fabric it is important that you choose one which compliments the interiors of your room. The color of your room, furniture’s and carpet are very important factors to consider while you pick your fabric. You can always opt for fabrics that all the furnishing shops sell you can get variety of fabrics in different materials and colors which you can pick according to your need and preferences. These fabrics can be found in various price ranges. If you want to go for the absolute inexpensive way then the best thing would be if you buy plain cloth and get it dyed in to your choice of color. Dying in not only an inexpensive way but also you has a wide variety of option in terms of numerous shades. Yet another tip is that no matter what fabric you use you should always starch them. Starched fabrics not only are dirt resistant but also give stiffness to the material.

It is also advisable that you pre-shrink the fabric by dipping it in water and salt solution. There are many fabrics which tend to shrink after you wash them and if that becomes the case then your blinds will absolutely look out of shape and also wouldn’t be effective in blocking the sunrays. Cleaning a vertical blind is very vital hence use a fabric that can be cleaned easily. To completely over-haul the appearance of the blind you can add nice laces and sequins to the fabric. This will not only give a different look but also be very fashionable. There are wide array of sequin stones that are available and you can paste them on your fabric along with matching laces. Another interesting idea would be to paste good quality wallpaper of your choice on the vanes of the vertical blinds. These wallpapers would add an element of drama and style to your vertical blinds.

Yet another inexpensive way to restyle your vertical blinds would be to spray paint them. You need not be an artist to do spray painting but all you need is an eye for beauty. There are various kinds of spray brushes and cans are available that you can use according to your convenience. You can just flip an airbrush and create your modern art on the vanes of the blinds. In case you have an artistic bent of mind you can also draw various motifs and landscapes. Let your imagination flow and upgrade your vertical blinds in your own style.