Titanium Hammers

Whether in medicine, in the depths of outer space or the seas, or in atomic structures… without the material Titanium- local and distant projects are almost impossible. Titanium is difficult to land and also to work over, but its properties are not. The different fields of application involved are so complex that it has made this metal one of the strongest on earth. The perfect hammer has the perfect task just like the perfect task has the perfect hammer. This means that the task is determined by the hammer’s head weight in addition to the handle. The head’s weight is really important because you need just the right amount of force to “hammer” down the nail without messing up your elbow or your nails. Take the essential properties of a titanium sheet at a glance:

· 100% non-magnetic because it contains no iron (permeability about 1,000… )

· extremely high strength (comparable to that of steel)

· extremely low weight (42% lighter than steel)

· extreme corrosion resistance (including to certain aggressive media in the chemical industry)

· extreme mechanical and thermal resistance

· extremely long life

Here are the specifications involved:

· Density [g / cm ³] 4.51

· 0.2% proof stress [MPa] 170-500

· Modulus of elasticity [GPa] 110

· Thermal expansion coefficient of 9

· Thermal conductivity [W / (m K) 22

· Melting point 1668 ° C

· Boiling point 3287 ° C

Titanium Eases Your Work

These hammers get the job done fast and furiously and that is why they are taking the workforce by storm. The steel hammer just doesn’t cut it compared to this monster because the titanium hammer is a lighter hammer that can be dropped faster on the target and, by doing this- the work is performed more quickly. In fact, the time it takes to drive the nail into the piece of wood is considerably reduced.

Efficiency is Greater

The comparison between a titanium hammer and other hammers shows plenty of valid points. There is the factor of speed and then lightness of the titanium and then you have the force at which the titanium hits the nail, which is significantly harder than the competitors. Steel hammers have a tendency to let the nail soak up the force.


Weight comes into the picture again. Lighter hammers are going to allow you to gain more control over the hammer as well as the striking control of the nail even if you have an awkward position. Even portability is better. The features are made with better details as well. For example, they may seem like the titanium sheet hammers are the same as a steel hammer like claws and holding slits but the weight and durability make them outlast.