To Drive at the Right Spec

There is a problem most drivers often neglect while driving, they do not pay close attention to their eye problem or wear the right prescription eyeglasses, which will ultimately result in traffic accidents. Research shows if we are not able to read number plates at the distance of fifty meters, it is advised not to drive in order to avoid traffic accidents. But the fact is most people have realized their eye problems, but still take it for granted till accidents happen. The following will give some introduction on the importance of right spec for driving in the hope of calling on all people attach importance to this problem.

The researchers are done by a leading British spectacle retailers. After large number of researchers and analysis, it is found that as a result of poor eyesight, one out of ten British motorists suffer from road accidents or within an inch of accidents. So we can see if we take no notice of our eye problem but still drive, this will bring us under great risks. What's the worse, if eye tests show that the accident is caused by the poor eyesight and wearing a pair of glasses can avoid the accident, it is highly possible that insurance company will refuse our claim. What a great loss we have to suffer!

According to the research, 26% British motorists admit they realize that they need to have an eye test by their eye doctor judged from their driving experience, but they do not have their eyes tested yet. And among these people, half of them believe they can not pass the test and know there is a problem with their eyes. Therefore, a head of road safety department call on people to pay close attention to their eye problems, if they have doubts about their eyesight, they should visit their eye doctors to have eyes tested immediately. Even if they are diagnosed of some eye problems and need to wear eyeglasses, compared with the cost, losses and harms caused by accidents, the cost of eyeglasses and eye exam is just a little.

Nowadays, the whole society have paid more and more attention to eyesight problem for driving. It is regulated since 2011, the motorist's eye care prescription is a requisite subject for newly issued driving licenses. So for the sake of our safety and the safety of our society, please have our eyes tested at a regular basis, especially when we find we can not see clearly while driving, and wear the right prescription eyeglasses while driving.