To Mount Or Not to Mount – TV Stand Vs Wall Mounting

So, you just bought that new Plasma TV. Now you are forced to make a decision – do I go for glamour and mount this thing on my living room wall or go the traditional route with a TV stand. Each option has its risks and its rewards, so here we will examine the pros and cons of each.

The Vain Glory of Wall Mounting

Does not it just make sense if your TV is only a few inches deep to mount that sucker right above the fireplace for all to see? Maybe, but consider what it takes to wall mount a flat screen.

1. Purchase a wall mounting kit from a Plasma Dealer.

2. Make sure said kit fits your TV. If you do not do this, it will either cost you time or plaster.

3. Locate the studs behind the wall. Again, if you miss this, you will be the proud owner of a smashed TV set. The screws must go into studs, not just sheet rock.

4. Make sure that you measure and level everything BEFORE you screw any holes. This will be very hard to change later. In fact, I dare say you will not do it a second time, but rather you will live with a slightly-croocked mounted Plasma or you will just give up and buy a TV stand.

5. Now, actually screw the mount into the wall.

6. Cut a hole behind the TV to run wires through and another hole where the wires need to come out. Fish the wires through the holes using either a snake tool or a stretched wire hanger. Yes, I'm serious about this step. If you're going to mount it, mainly for looks, do not leave wiring showing. It just will not be worth it.

7. Attach the pieces of the mounting system that affix to the TV. Then, gently set the television into the mount bracket. You may want another person there with you for this.

8. Test everything. Make sure the TV works, the mount is secure, and the television is secure in the mount.

The Blessed Simplicity of the TV Stand

Well, that was interesting. Now, let's review the steps involved in setting up a TV stand.

1. Purchase a TV stand that best fits the location at which you wish to display your TV. Make sure you take into account the weight and depth of the television, as well as any accessories you might attach to it.

2. Have it delivered and setup. Sure, you could drive it home yourself and put it together, but you have better things to do in life – like watch your huge Plasma-screen TV.

3. Place your television on the stand. Drop wires behind it and attach them to the sockets or external units as needed.

4. Go get some wings. It's time for the game.