Todays Painters Palette

Hello and welcome back to another great article about oil painting. If you're just joining us I think it's great but I would highly encourage you to go back and read the previous articles on some great points that you may have missed. What we are discussing these articles are amazing points that the person who is new to oil painting should not miss. You may already be familiar with the classic palette that is often associated with the painter. Among its signature thumb hole in its kidney bean shaped it may be one of the most recognizable symbols in today's modern culture.

In the past pallets were typically made out of wood. Today's modern palate is typically made out of glass or metal. Often case this is done for financial reasons as a glass metal or plastic palette can often be cheaper than a wooden pallet of great construction. Wood pallets would often have to be seasoned with oils just make sure that the paintings would not penetrate the surface of the wood while ensuring that it was smooth. This is not fertile of their glass, metal, and plastic counterparts of today.

The glass palette is smooth, rounded edges and are typically backed with white paint. The white paint is there so that you can see the colors when you mix them and have a good idea of ​​what they may look like once they hit the canvas. For the sake of convenience will begin you will painters will use a disposable palette such as a plastic or metal one. It is very easy to find both glass and disposable palettes from local art suppliers. As a newcomer to oil painting you will want to look for a palette that is a minimum of 10 to 14 inches in size.