Tone Your Tummy – Lose Stomach Fat Quickly With Results Coming in Just Minutes a Day!

Here's how to tone your tummy and lose stomach fat quickly in just minutes a day. If you're pressed for time, but still need to get rid of your belly fat, then read this now for some BREAKTHROUGH ways to slim your waist and tone your hips.

Tone your tummy

1. To lose stomach fat quickly, focus on isometric exercises as opposed to situps and crunches

I recommend the isometric vacuum pose, the isometric abs squeeze, and the isometric plank. For the vacuum pose, all you do is suck in your lower half of your belly and hold it for 15 seconds on and off for a few minutes a day.

For the abs squeeze, all you do is tighten and FLEX your abs as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds on and off for a few minutes a day.

For the plank, what you do is rest your weight on your forearms and toes (like in pushup position except you're on your forearms and not your hands) and then hold that position for 15 seconds on and off for a few minutes a day .

These are all easy and can be done at home.

2. If you need a cardio exercise to include, jump on a mini-trampoline

This is an under-appreciated piece of equipment. I consider it better (and it's cheaper) than all those machines in a gym. Plus it's a lot more convenient for people since you can do it at home. Even more convenient … you can do it for just 1-2 minutes at a time whenever you get the chance.

Those 2 minutes once in awhile through the day add up to a lot of EASY CARDIO.

So if you want to lose your stomach fat quickly and tone your tummy, this simple plan get your abs to where you want it than possible.