Tool Rentals – Go Green With Gardening Tool Rentals

If you stand before a shabby, desolate and depressing front or backyard every morning, wondering if you can ever attain a home with "curb appeal," it might be time to consider a landscaping overhaul. Many people find landscaping a yard a daunting task, especially since you can not do much with a bucket and pail that is better suited to make sand castles than plant a tree. A major landscaping makeover will only need to be done once, and then regular maintenance is relatively simple; however, most people are afraid to make the investment in the equipment and materials for the initial project.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to buy a chainsaw, jackhammer, or even a wheelbarrow. All of these devices can be rented for a fraction of the price. Device rental can be extremely helpful and absolves your from the expenses of owning and maintaining expensive equipment. Here are some basic tool rentals you might want to consider investing in for a standard garden project.

Pruning and Hedging Shears:

These are worth investing in if you have quite a few large shrubs or trees on your property, but if you're doing one massive overhaul device rental might be a better option for a one time use. They can help trim small branches and hedges to give a nice, clean appearance to the yard.


For those with larger jobs to tackle, a chainsaw is a great option for equipment rental. They are very expensive if purchases, and often are only needed a handful of times, making the price of buying not worth it. Chainsaws can cut through large branches and tree trunks that are either unsightly or pose a threat to the property, such as getting tangled in a power line.

Weed eater:

Got a dead lawn? A weed eater can help you cut through an unkempt mess so you can re-sod or plant what you need to. These are a great time saver if the garden has been left derelict for some time.

Leaf Blower:

This is another piece of gardening equipment that is often more suitable as a tool rental. With a leaf blower you can blast away and pile large areas of leafs and other small lawn debris with ease, another necessity for working on long-abandoned gardens.

Hoe, Shovel, Bucket, and Rake:

These are the basic classics that every gardener needs, unless you plan on digging holes with your hands. You'll want to invest in high quality because you'll be using these devices for the majority of your gardening jobs.

Tool rental allows for greater flexibility, especially when you require using specialized gardening equipment. You can use the devices for as long as you need and return them without having to invest a fortune. Tool rentals are also a great idea for first time gardeners as it gives them a chance to see if they truly enjoy the hobby. Expert gardeners can benefit from short term tool rentals too, specifically when they are working on extremely challenging projects.