Tools For Fossil Hunting

Tools for fossil hunting are an absolute must whether you are a professional or amateur fossil hunter. You just can not go out and start digging without the right tools. As it is fossil hunting is difficult and you do not want to go without having the tools to ease some of that difficulty. So, here is a list of some of the tools for fossil hunting.

Tools for Fossil Hunting:

The tools mentioned here are just for finding and digging out fossils, especially fossilized teeth, from the soil. However, many of them can be used in marine archeological sites.

o Shovel: One of the most important tools to find fossils is a shovel. A short shovel is ideal because when you are trying to dig out fossils, you will be spending a lot of your time kneeling or sitting and using a short one will reduce the strain on your back. However, even a long-handled shovel is just as good.
o Gloves: Make sure you have a good sturdy pair of gloves handy to avoid getting blisters when using a shovel.
o Sifter: Having a sifter is a must for the spots that are too deep to collect. For instance when you are in a ditch or a stream. A sifter will sift out all those unique pieces of fossilized teeth without you worrying about tossing them out with the dirt.
o Mattock: A mattock comes handy when you want to remove more dirt than your shovel can handle. In addition, it also has a sharp side that is used for cutting roots that come in your way. You can get one made from wood or fiberglass or a combination of two depending on what you would like.
o Sledge Hammer: Although you mind not think of this when hunting for fossils but a sledge hammer is perfect for bringing out vertical walls of earth, especially those where the earth is hard as ever. Once the sledge hammer does its work, your shovel takes over.

o Prying Bar: Just when your fossil is few inches from the surface, use the prying bar to expose it completely. This way you can lift out the fossil without causing any damage to it.
o Machete: Imagine trying to get the shovel in when the earth is full of vines and roots? A machete you help you make a clearing so that a shovel can be used.
o Chisel: A chisel works just like a sledge hammer and helps to get the fossil out of the earth.