Tools For Woodwork – 5 Must Have Tools

Tools for Woodwork can be found in any household. The question is…”Do you have the most important and basic tools for around the house repairs?” I picked a small number for a reason. If I was permitted to write as much as I wanted in this EzineArticle…the number would have been five hundred.

So let us get started with the most useful and needed tool for your home. Right…It is the multi-bit screwdriver. This little beauty can have anywhere from 2 to 12 assorted bits. You should be able to drive or extract anything from the traditional slotted to a spline head. Now comes the woodworking tool you thought would be number one. The claw   hammer  is second on my list because usually in a clinch I can find something else to pry or  hammer  in a nail. But I would never be without a good  hammer . The minimum size anyone should have is the 16 ounce finishing  hammer . This will serve almost anything you need pounded in or pulled out.

A good utility knife around the house saves hubby from grabbing your nice kitchen knives for a quick handyman job. This is where you must remind your love that Mother gave you them to eat with and not part of his tools for woodwork. My best choice is the Olfa ratchet lock cutter because of the long blade that can be broken of as it gets dull. This without a doubt the nicest feature of this type of knife.

A good set of pliers comes in at number four. Usually a set of three or four are sufficient enough to take care of any twisting or turning you will have to do. This set of four must include a good pipe wrench for any quick plumbing jobs, a good channelock, visegrip and a traditional set of pliers. You can easily throw in a set of side cutters for clipping a wire or the quick nip of a stubborn nail. Last but not least. A good level is a must today. Think about it. When was the last time you tried putting up a picture or shelf just to told it needed to go up just a hair on the left…no wait…now down just a little. I knew you would see things my way. A tape measure is always a good alternative to the level and is also an important stand alone tool.