Tools to Use for a Professional Translation

When you look at working as a corporate translator there are many tools at your disposal. There are many native speakers out there; however, knowledge of a language does not necessarily mean that you can do a good job of professional translation. Look around and you will find an abundance of resources. Dictionaries, theses, and glossaries are just a few options. With any language there is some sort of book available that can assist with the translation process. It seems that you can find any guidebook that can translate any language like Italian, French, and English into just about any other language. If you need to translate a business document or even a company website, a native speaking translator or a professional translation agency that employs native speakers would be the best choice.

When using the services of a professional translation company you can ensure that the product will be exactly what you pay for. In general, these companies use educated, skilled specialists and not machine based or software translation programs. Their employees will also be familiar with your particular field of interests such as medical, legal, or financial vocabulary and they will help you to steer clear of any errors that might come about. Entrusting work to a company who primarily uses software to translate your material could prove to be costly. If you need a job done right then look for the professionals. As a translator, a professional translation company would be a good place to start working to get your feet wet and to learn the business.

Another tool that can be implemented for people working in the translating business is to look at language courses to renew their proficiency. The advantage of having a tutor who you can speak with about your language can be a priceless tool to be utilized. Also, you may learn that you have classmates involved in the translating business and they can be a network to be incorporated.

Another thing that many translators forget to do and really need to do is to make better use of their personal contacts. They can be a treasure trove of information, as well as, a link to many business contacts. Family or friends that speak your native language can be helpful when having trouble. Translating is a service-oriented industry and many times we forget to utilize our very best connections.

Nowadays, one of the best tools available is a computer. It should be equipped with a fast processor, at least 512 MB of memory and a minimum of 20GB hard drive. There are many programs out there that are available. Shareware programs tend to be the most popular such as TRADOS, Déjà vu, MTScript, and Wordfisher to name a few. Research shows that one of the more popular programs is TRADOS. There are tools available in conjunction with TRADOS that can improve your translation speed.

In closing, the tools are out there for the taking. You just have to get out there, search and look around. Do not be afraid to use all of your assets. Try to also connect with people in the country of the language you are translating to help you out if you have any questions that you can not solve by yourself. Make sure to network within your community of professional translation services or business translators as this will help you stay on top of the current news in your field of specialties.