Tools You Need to Maintain Your Yard

Many new homeowners are stunned by how much they have to shell out to even begin to maintain their property. Even existing homeowners who have moved from a condominium to a house with a yard can be surprised. Before you drop $ 1000 on tools you may or may not ever use, here are the essentials. I am going to start with the ultra basics you'll need to get the simplest jobs done and then work up.

1) Gloves

Do not go cheap on gloves – they'll just tear. If you ever expect to have yard help, get two pairs. They will cost $ 15 or more. You will need them for heavy work like hauling garbage bags, trimming trees, and unusual jobs like tearing down old fencing, or anything else where you might get your hands cut.

2) A broom and a dustpan

For sweeping off the front steps and the garage and anywhere else. Push brooms look more efficient, but most people end up using the old upright brooms because they are so much easier to control. A broom and a dustpan will cost about $ 25.

3) A rake

Get one with metal tines or really strong plastic ones – wimpy rakes are a pain. You want to be able to clean up leaves, or rake up pieces of cut grass, or easily pick up bits of any kind of somewhat light stuff.

4) A snow shovel

If you do not live in an area where it snows, you can obviously skip this. If you live where it snows a lot, you will need two shovels, just in case someone ever offers to help you shovel.

5) A dirt shovel

In case you ever need to dig even a little bit. Please note, dirt shovels are terrible for snow shoveling, because they are too heavy, and snow shovels are generally a joke for trying to dig.

6) A trowel

A tiny shovel for little jobs, like planting flower pots.

7) A hand rake

These are useful of very small cleanup jobs in the garden. You will use it more than you think.

8) A bucket

Have a bucket just for outdoor use, whether it is for dirt for flower pots, for washing the car, or for lugging your tools around. As with everything else, get a good one so it lasts and you will not hate using it.

9) A lawn mower or a weed wacker

If you have a really small lawn area, you may be able to get away without a lawn mover. That will save you a few hundred dollars, and leave a lot more room in your garage or shed. A weed wacker is more essential for keeping the weeds down and maintaining that neat look that makes the neighbors happy. You may need padded gloves to go along with your weed wacker, but the heavy-duty leather gloves you got will probably do the job.

10) Goggles

So you do not blind yourself using the weedwacker, and also for various weird jobs around the house where you want a little more protection than sunglasses.

11) Loppers

Big ones and little ones. These are the tools you'll use to trim shrubs and cut back trees. They are vastly better to use than a saw. If you are just starting up, get the small hand-held loppers for $ 25 or so, and wait until later to get the big 2 foot long $ 40 loppers for a larger job.

12) A wheelbarrow

It is just a matter of time until a job comes up where lugging heavy, bulky stuff is best done by a wheelbarrow.