Top 10 Dive Watches Under 300 Dollars

Do you love dive watches? Many people do, including persons who have never been diving. Why is this? Reasons vary from person to person but some of them are:

Ruggedness. Dive watches tend to have robust construction for everyday use.

Style. Dive watches look “adventurous” and that style is appealing to many

Practicality. Dive watches can be worn all the time, whether working, swimming, showering, sleeping, even in formal settings if a nicer style is chosen.

Image. Similar to the style point above, the Dive watch can make the wearer look cool!

So, what are the top 10 dive watches for under $300.00?

If you ask someone what the top 10 sports cars are, you’re going to get a wide variety of answers but there are a few classics and favorites that can be enjoyed by most everyone who likes dive watches;

1) Invicta Pro Diver: The 8926C Pro diver in stainless steel or two tone looks a lot like the R***x Submariner, one of the kings of dive watches. It’s affordable, often less than $100, and it’s great looking, rugged, and well made. A true classic!

2) Freestyle Hammerhead XL: This large chronograph is very dive oriented stylewise, and very practical and affordable. 200m water resistance makes it dive practical and 50mm size make it commanding on the wrist. The Hammerhead XL is also available in a new Black on black style!

3) Reactor Dive watches: The Reactor brand is fairly large and some of their watches are more than $300 but they still have some very cool models for under 300 dollars including the Meltdown, the Fallout, and the Heavy water models. Reactor prides itself in extremely tough construction and dive worthiness for a reasonable price.

4) Orient Mako and Mako II dive watches: These very popular dive watches also follow the style formula of the R***x Submariner. Orient watches are highly respected because they’re very well made for the price. Mako watches feature automatic movements and can be had for less than $100 oftentimes.

5) The Wenger Aquagraph Deep Diver: Swiss Made quartz watches that are water resistant to 1000 meters! Reasonably priced, solid, and great looking too!

6) Deep Blue Watches: Not all Deep Blue watches are under 300 dollars but two models that are include; All Purpose Diver, a quartz watch with 1000m water resistance for around 150 dollars, and the Seadiver, an automatic watch with 1000m water resistance for around 280 dollars. Either way, they feature rugged looks and construction.

7) Seiko SKX series: The Seiko SKX series feature, among others, the Orange Monster and the Black Monster watches which are legendary for quality, legibility, affordability, and coolness! They feature automatic movements and 200m water resistance in a variety of really cool styles.

8) Luminox Navy Seal Colormark: These watches feature tritium gas tube dial illumination, which means that they glow even without being exposed to light. They never get dark for around 10 years and more, although they do dim with time. The Colormark features a reinforced plastic construction and the requisite 200m water resistance rating along with diver’s bezel. Available in a number of color choices for around $160 – $180

9) Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver’s watch: Specifically, the BJ8050-08E is a classic dive watch with a style all its own: Eco Drive means it never needs a battery, and 300m water resistance with a 48mm case make it very practical for diving. Anti reflective crystal and screw down crown, too. Available for around $240

10) Invicta Subaqua Noma series: While some Subaqua Noma watches cost more than 300 dollars, quite a few can be had for 300 or less. Always Swiss Made, They are available as GMT or Quartz chronograph watches for under 300 dollars. Large and in charge, Subaqua Noma watches feature a 50 mm case and are available in a variety of style combinations with stainless steel and rubber straps.

There are many great watches for less than 300 dollars but those are my favorites. Thanks for reading!