Top 10 Gardening Tools

Go to any gardening store and you will see a wide variety of gardening tools. Whether the tools are small, large, basic or complicated, it can be hard to figure out which ones you really need to buy. Here’s a guide to the top 10 gardening tools that are a must have in any garden.

1. Trowel – The best tool to use when planting bulbs or small plants is a trowel. Trowels have short handles and short blades and are best used while kneeling on the ground.

2. Watering Can – Keeping plants well watered is essential to growing big, healthy plants. Choose a watering can that has a long spout, which can deliver the water to where it’s needed the most – the base and roots of a plant.

3. Shovel – Shovels are used to dig holes, remove large rocks and to spread soil in a garden. When buying a shovel, choose one that is solid steel and won’t bend when digging. Make sure that you can get a good grip on the handle in order to prevent blisters or other accidents from happening when using a shovel.

4. Garden Fork – A garden fork is a tool that has many prongs and is used for raising, carrying, piercing, or digging. Choose a fork with stainless steel prongs, which are the strongest.

5. Light weight bag or basket – Carry a bag or basket with you when you are pruning or weeding and put any garden debris in the bag or basket. Then, when you are done, just empty the debris into your compost pile or bin. Make sure the bag or basket is light in weight, so that you will not be tired from carrying it around.

6. Garden Pruner – When trimming shrubs, tree branches or hard, woody stems, the best and easiest tool to use is a garden pruner. Before buying a pruner, you should try it out first to see how easy the pruner is to use, the weight (not too heavy or too light) and if you can get a good grip on the handle.

7. Shears or scissors – Use scissors or small shears, which can be held with one hand, for any light cutting. Shears are often used to cut flowers for bouquets because they have an anvil blade that is pointed at both ends, which will make it easier to get between tight stems.

8. Soaker hose – A soaker hose is a hose with small holes in hose. The hose is placed on the ground in the garden and left out all summer. Just hook up the hose to the water tap and turn the water on. Just like that, water is delivered to your whole garden at root level where it is needed the most.

9. Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart – Buy a wheelbarrow of good quality and the proper size for your garden. The wheelbarrow can be used to haul large heavy loads to and from the garden. (ie: root vegetables when they are harvested or to bring soil to the garden.)

10. Rake – Rakes are used to remove leaves, twigs and garden debris. When selecting a rake, check the handle carefully. If it is a wood handle, ensure that the wood is smooth and has no splinters on it. Also check to see if the handle is long enough so that you are not bending over when raking.