Top 10 Steps to Make a Website and Start Making Money Online

So you want to make money online? Ya so does everyone else, millions and millions. Because of this, it is very difficult to actually find a system to follow that makes you money. 95% of “make money” programs are scams. It is very difficult to find a real product that genuinely shows you how to make money working from home. I have comprised a top 10 list of proven steps needed in order to make money online. They are pretty simple to follow and will give you results.

1. Find a product to market.

What interests you? What are your hobbies? A good place to start looking for products is Clickbank, Signing up is free and very easy. After you have your login info you need to click on the “Sell Products” tab and then click “Marketplace” and start searching for products. Once you search through the Clickbank Marketplace, be sure to find products that offer good affiliate programs. An example would be say you want to promote organic dog food. You find a few sites that offer this. You need to first click on the actual site and browse through it. Is it appealing? Is it convincing? You also need to make sure they have a great affiliate program. Links for affiliates are usually at the bottom of the page. If they offer pre-made emails, banners, links, PPC ads, etc. for their affiliates then it is obviously a great product to promote. Follow this rule of thumb and you can’t go wrong.

2. Get a hosting account.

When it comes to getting a hosting account, you have a few options at different price ranges. Personally, I prefer HostGator . You can get a website for as little as $4.95 per month, which is very cheap. GoDaddy also offers fairly cheap rates. If you want to shop around there are plenty to choose from just by typing in “domain hosting” into a search engine.

3. Get an FTP program.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is necessary in order to create a website. I personally use smartftp, They offer a free 30 day trial. If you are like most newbies you have no idea what FTP is or how to even use it. Luckily there are videos on how it works on the website. You can also go to YouTube and type in “smart ftp” and tutorials will pop up. If you really want detailed videos on exactly what to do visit my website and it will tell you how. The one key to running any ftp program is the public html file. That is the only file you will ever use, publichtml.

4. Get a program to create a webpage.

Personally, I use NVU,, because it is free. Many use DreamWeaver, which is very confusing or Microsoft Frontage, which not everyone has on their computer and can cost hundreds. Stick with NVU. Again, you probably have no idea how to use this program but luckily there are videos on how to use it on the website. They are easy to understand, you will be fine.

5. Create your squeeze page.

Go back to the product you decided to market. Click on the webpage and copy as much as you can from the webpage. You are going to create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a webpage that captures leads, which equals sales. You want your squeeze page to look very similar to the actual website. Example, say you are promoting, which is an actual ClickBank product. Click on the site, and copy as much info as you can. Meaning, highlight the pictures, text, anything that you want, and right click “copy”. Next, go to your NVU blank webpage and click “paste”. It is as simple as that. You want testimonials, images, text, anything that is convincing. You can even copy audio! It’s actually quite amazingly simple and easy.

6. Get an auto-responder.

You need an auto-responder to capture leads and start making residual income. I use GetResponse. This is the only auto-responder programs I’ve used so I cannot comment on the others, however GetResponse is great. It is very affordable and very easy to set-up. Like the programs listed above, there are many sources, such as videos, to help you understand how to use an auto-responder. No need to fret if you have no idea where to begin. Now, you need to offer your visitors some sort of incentive so they will sign up for your list. For example, I offer a free e-book on blogging when my visitors sign up for my newA free eBook is a great incentive because it is easy and everyone loves free information!

You set your auto-responder to day 0 so the eBook is delivered immediately once the visitor inserts their name and email address. That message should read something like this… “[[firstname]], Thanks for signing up for (your newsletter name). Attached is your free e-book on the secrets of the millionaire bloggers. Stay tuned for more tips on blogging and internet marketing!” It’s that easy. Make sure to link the actual product page from your autoresponder. Once your visitors click “submit” and submit their name and email address it will automatically direct them to the actual product site. So if you were promoting once your visitor clicked “submit” it would re-direct them to You can easily set this up and there are videos that show you how.

7. Find relevant and insightful information to give your readers.

You want to give your readers new content at least once a week. Start off by giving them free information that is useful and relevant to your campaign. For example, if your campaign is titled “Dog Food Secrets” start off by offering your readers some tips on how to feed your dog, or how to train your dog to bark when hungry. You can find this by using search engines. Anything will work, as long as your readers are receiving free info without buying anything. After they have gained your trust you can start making some money by promoting products. Example, “[[firstname]], I just found this new organic dog food for small dogs and my dog loves it! It not only gives her more energy but it’s proven to improve their teeth!” That is just a dumb example, but you get my point. Article directories, such as this one, are also very good information sites.

8. Find relevant affiliate programs to promote to your readers.

You can do this by going back to ClickBank and searching for more products or you can simply use search engines. Use Google or Yahoo, or whatever search engine you prefer to type in your subject. For example, if you want to find organic dog bones to promote, try typing in “organic dog bone affiliate” or “organic dog bone promote.” Sign up for their affiliate program, and start putting in your link into your emails.

9. Start promoting your website and get some traffic!

This is the toughest part of making money online. Advertising! There are many ways of advertising, one including PPC advertising, which is probably the most efficient, however it does cost money. Your budget is up to you but if you want to start generating traffic quickly, start making PPC ads. If you followed my earlier instructions and chose a wonderful affiliate product to promote then these ads are already made up for you. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the actual ads. You will probably receive the most traffic through Google AdWords, however this is definitely the most expensive PPC program because it receives the most traffic. Personally, I like Yahoo Search Marketing. MSN also has a pretty cheap advertising program but I see more traffic through Yahoo and it is a fraction of the price of Google AdWords. There are various other free ways to promote your product. You can find programs that show you how or you can search for other ways. Try using YouTube to find free videos on how to receive free traffic. There are endless ways, you just have to decide whether you want to spend time or money promoting your website.

10. Do steps 1-9 all over again but with a different product.

The more squeeze pages you have, the more money you will make.