Top 10 Uses For Your Car Sun Shade

Car sun shades are more than what meets the eye. This decorative car accessory helps maintain the value of your vehicle? How? It offers protection for you, your passengers, your interior and the contents of your vehicle. If you take another look at your car sun shield you could discover some practical uses that may surprise you. Now let’s get to the ten things your sun shade can do:

1. Add color or charm to your car’s interior decor. Take for instance the standard auto sun shade. They come in a range of colors, including silver. Some are even reversible, with big eyes and charming expressions that make your car come alive. The days of the boring car sun shades are over. Your car will have so much charm and charisma it could star in its own reality show.

2. Lower the temperature inside your vehicle. If your car windshield isn’t covered every time you get into your car your face gets hit with the blast of a sauna.

3. Save your hands from a nasty steering wheel burn. If the heat were not enough, next you burn your rear end and then your hands, all because you don’t have a car sun shade.

4. Stop the fading of upholstery in its tracks. Without the benefit of a car shade, in all likelihood your upholstery will fade as a result of prolonged exposure to UV rays.

5. Prevent the cracking and destruction of your dashboard. Extreme heat from UV rays can cause your dashboard could disintegrate before your very eyes. So with a simple item so low tech it could be considered no-tech it’s an easy fix.

6. Protect car electronics and gadgets from heat damage. Without a car sun shade the heat inside your vehicle can increase to levels not suitable for humans or gadgets.

7. Shelter from the rain. So you forgot your umbrella in the office or department store and of course you are stuck in the car with the rain pouring outside. Just dash out with your car sun shade over your head. At the very least you might be able to protect a perfectly good hairdo.

8. Becomes handy activity corner for the kids – great for coloring time. Keeping kids busy is the antidote to bickering and whining. If you’re a parent you just did a happy dance.

9. Great as a no-mess feeding tray at snack time. Your backseat just breathed a resounding sigh of relief.

10. Increase your level of “badassness”. (Results may vary*)