Top 15 Pet Gate FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) When Buying a Pet Gate

Everyone that’s in the market to buy a pet gate starts to quickly accumulate a list of questions about all the different types of gates. Sometimes the questions can get to be too much. So here’s a list of those questions and some answer to help you decide what you need to do.

1. What are the measurements of each style of gate?

Although similar in dimensions, the gate measurements of each style will vary by manufacturer by up to several inches in widths and heights. The Product details sheet will have that information.

2. Are there gates that open wider than 72 inches?

No. The maximum opening most gates will provide a barrier for is 72 inches, which is wider than most safety gates on the market. For larger openings 2 gates would be appropriate.

3. Can any style of gate be used at the top of a staircase and be mounted to the spindles? They all look like they can.

The only gates that should be used at the top of a staircase are designated as a “Stairway Gate. These gates have special hardware or mounting cups for correct installation. This will often include special hinges so that it can only open one way. The gate should never be allowed to open over the stairs! This is an extreme safety hazard.

4. Do all the styles of gates come in multiple styles and colors?

Most styles of the pet gates come in black and white. If a particular style comes in a wooden configuration it may come in cherry, oak, light oak, natural, maple or others.

5. My dog chews everything. What Pet gate should I buy?

At first impulse a metal gate comes to mind. But dogs can still chew this type of gate and hurt or break their teeth. So when you look for a metal gate, get one that has slats instead of a narrow mesh. It’s a lot more difficult for them to chew on. Stay away from plastic gates in this situation. Not only will they chew it up but they may swallow the pieces and cause problems you aren’t even aware of after they do it.

6. What if there is a baseboard in the way?

If you’re mounting the gate to an area where there is a baseboard, then take a small piece of wood, (I wood paint it to match the wall, the same thickness of the baseboard and put it behind the upper adjustment screw or mounting bracket you are using. Remember to keep the gate parallel to the floor for the smoothest operation of the gate possible.

7. Can I mount a gate to drywall without any wood trim?

You can but it is important that you find a wooden stud located behind the drywall so you have a good mounting surface for any bracket screws you may need to use.

8. There is a slight angle where I intend on installing the gate. What do I do now?

Using a gate that either has or can use an “Angle-Mount” hardware kit is just the thing. This kit is designed specifically for this purpose.

9. What does “JPMA Certified” mean?

This stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. If you see this certification stamp it means that the gate has also been tested and approved for use around children according to the standards of this organization.

10. I have a big pet an a small one. Do any gates have a door so the little one can pass through?

Yes Carlson Mfg. is the only pet gate manufacturer that has a built-in pet door that permits smaller pets to pass through while others stay put.

11. I want to use my gates in several rooms but the door frames are different widths. Do I need specially sized gates for each on?

No you don’t. An extension gate, pressure mounted gate of a free standing gate can either be adjusted for each individual doorway or the free standing gate can be made to close off the widest opening and them be used for any of the widths.

12. I’m pretty much all thumbs. Are these gates easy to install in my house?

No matter what gate you buy they are all very easy to install. The simplest form of gate is the free standing. As the name implies there is no installation. Once you assembled it you just place it in position. The pressure mount gate used an adjustable swing arm or adjustable thumb wheels to create the pressure. The only gates that require true installation are the ones requiring mounting hardware. These gates use hardware mounting screws that attach the gate to a wall, doorway or frame.

13. These extension panels, what are they for?

Although Pet Gates come in lots of shapes and sizes you may find yourself in a situation where you need a little bit wider gate than what come in a standard purchase. In this case an extension gate would be in order. By adding an extension panel you’ll be able to fit it in that space you just measured. Typically you can use up to 2 extensions, but considering they come in widths from 5″ up to 24″ you shouldn’t have a problem finding the size you need.

14. I see all these different gates but I don’t want to climb over them. What gate should I use?

The best gate for this situation is a hand free operated gate. One of the most popular gates sold is the The First Years Hands Free, Foot Pedal Operated Pet Gate with Extension. This is absolutely the best choice for what you are describing.

15. What about safety considerations? Are there any I need to be aware of?

I suggest you read a listing of PET GATE SAFETY FACTS for answers to your questions.

Hopefully these Q&A’s will help make your decision process a little easier. Remember, you can always call the manufacturer of a particular gate you may want.