Top 3 Fishing Lure Making Tips

There's been a recent surge in the interest of tackling making and a lot of people struggle since there really is not a ton of information available for a hobby like this as there might be for something like woodworking. It's for this reason that I decided to write more about this hobby and give you some ideas and tips can help you make fishing lures.

Here are 3 Top Fishing Lure Making Tips I think you'll enjoy

1. Spoon Making Molds. Did you know that you do not have to buy ready made molds for making your own spoons? Or even have to buy any spoon blanks in order to turn out professional looking spoons? In fact you can make your own molds for spoons from scrap wood that you probably have lying around on your shop room floor. Here's the secret to fishing lure making molds for spoon enthusiasts from scrap wood. Take some old 2×4's you have lying around and a couple spoons from your tackle box. Use these spoons as a guide to trace their shape onto the wood.

Now remember to oversize the outline as spoons are not flat shaped so you need to take this into consideration when you make the outline for your mold. Now all you have to do gouge out the shape you what and sand it nice and smooth. Then using some scrap sheet metal and a hammer you can pound out your own spoons in record time. Make sure one of those hammers that have a plastic end, that way you do not dent and misshape the sheet metal as you pound it into shape inside your wooden mold. Now all you have to do is trim it up, file the edges and add your hardware. Do not just stop at one, now you can have several fishing lure making molds. By making several of these molds for different shaped spoons, you'll have some mouth watering spoons that no fish is going to pass by.

2. Spinner Making Jig. OK sure those nice and fancy wire bending contraptions do crank out lovely looking spinners in record time, but what if you do not want to go through the expense of having to buy one? No problem, make your own fishing lure jigs? Again here's another tackle making tip for the guy who like me hates to spend money. Again grab some of those scrap 2×4's that you have lying around and let's make themselves a wire bending jig. All you have to do is simply take some nails and pound them into the ends of the 2×4.

Now it will take some experimentation to get the right configuration needed so you can bend out those nice eyeslets and bends needed for great looking spinners but heck for the price of using scrap 2×4 and some nails I'm sure you will not mind experimenting until You find the right configuration for the nails. Once you've done that put the scrap wood inside a vise sideways to make it easier to saw off the heads on those nails. This will make getting the wire on and off your fishing lure jig a whole lot easier. Bingo your very own spinner making jig that didnt cost you a cent. Now I like that.

Now for the last of my cheap no cost fishing lure making tips. Again I wanted to give you an idea of ​​what is possible so you can make fishing lures and make some nice ones without having to spend any money.

3. Fancy Painted Designs on Wooden Lures Made Easy. Now this fishing lure making tip is a little tricky, but I like it because its fast and and easy. I say tricky because it will require that you already have a couple actual fishing lure making tools like an airbrush but that's ok. Here's an easy method to getting some fancy designs on the sides of our homemade wood lures. Take some of your mother's or wife's fancy nylons or lace and use that as a template to airbrush a design on the side of your wooden lure. OK I will say you better ask permission first before heading into your wife nylons drawer or you may end up in the dog house if you know what I mean but it's a nice fast easy way to make some creative patterns on the side of our wooden lure . It may take some creative thinking and you have to protect the lure from overspray wrecking out pattern, but you can make some neat patterns without having to be Michelangelo. This should also give you some ideas about how to make some nice criss cross patterns and fish scale patterns as well.

Well there you have it 3 quick, easy, super cheap fishing lure making tips.