Top 3 Ways to Fix PS3 YLOD Without Opening It

So you are one of the many victims of PS3 YLOD. Don’t worry though since fixing PS3 YLOD is an easy task, in fact it is so easy that you can fix it within an hour or two. Without wasting any more time here we jump to the top 3 ways to fix PS3 YLOD without opening it:

  1. Check the connections – First and foremost you must check that all the cables of your PS3 are fixed properly – ensure that there are not any loose connections. This holds true for all electronic devices. People usually tend to overlook this problem but in reality a weak connection can be the cause of many problems.

  2. Give it some rest – You can also let your PS3 take rest overnight. PS3 is a very powerful machine and hence generates immense amount of heat. YLOD is caused mainly by overheating so letting your PS3 rest will help in cooling those melting joints.

  3. Dust it off – Grab that vacuum cleaner and blow the dust off your PS3. I would suggest that you open up the PS3 and then blow out the dirt since it’ll help in dusting off more dust.

I hope your PS3 is running back again. However, if your PS3 is still not running then this is a case of physical damage to your PS3 and cannot be fixed without opening the PS3.

Maybe you can send it back to Sony and let them charge you $150 and almost 6 weeks to return your PS3. But it isn’t the most effective solution since YLOD can come back on a fixed PS3 and Sony wipes off all the data from your HDD.

Sounds unfair right? That is the reason many people choose to fix their PS3 YLOD themselves.