Top 5 Air Purifiers – Reduce Allergies, Stop Snoring, Remove Odor

I need “a breath of fresh air” we’ll often say. It’s more than just taking a break – that “clean air” rejuvenates our respiratory system. We yearn for the purity of crisp forest air. Air purifiers help you achieve this in your home and office.

Add to this that most of us spend as much as 90% of our time indoors. Every day we breathe in natural air borne pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust, mold, mildew and pollen. Add the chemical pollutants from common household cleaners, wallpaper, carpeting and your house could be toxic. Next thing your respiratory system is irritated, sinus or allergies aggravated and perhaps asthma attacks are triggered.

Here are the five most popular air purifiers. This will help you find a good purifier and cut through the marketing baloney

#1 IQAir HealthPro and the IQAir HealthPro Plus is one of the world’s most advanced air cleaners. It is the only residential air cleaner to use HyperHEPA technology that is used in modern medical laboratories. This means these purifiers remove more pollution than conventional air cleaners. Germany’s consumer foundation rated the IQAir HealthPro Plus the most effective for allergy sufferers. It’s expensive but then it covers double the area of most other air cleaners. Plus it has an excellent warranty of 5 years.

#2 Honeywell Enviracaire 50250 Air Purifier is a compact unit perfect for just one-room or apartment dwellers. It has an activated charcoal prefilter that reduces odors from tobacco smoke, cooking, nursery, pet and plant odors. However, it is rather loud so make sure you can live with the noise. Highly affordable but check out the filter replacement price.

#3 Whirlpool Whispure 450 Air Purifier won’t disturb your sleep. Its highly energy efficient using about the same wattage as a light bulb. Make sure you check its dimensions, as it’s a larger unit compared with other brands.

#4 Alen A350 Air Purifier has great performance and is affordable, Perfect for a single room or office. The color décor needs work in that the cover is a very obvious Outer Space Blue.

#5 Blueair 601 Air Purifier is large but not unsightly. It’s built from steel and its 10-year warranty inspires durability. Its on rollers so is easy to move around. It’s quiet and the filters are easy to change.