Top 5 Crossbow Accessories

Every crossbow enthusiast needs a few extras to improve their enjoyment. Having the right equipment will make a big difference in the shooting experience. There are a few pieces of equipment that every bowman needs to help him in his sport. As with all things there are a variety of choices and price ranges for these extras.

1. Bolts and Broad heads

Every bowman needs bolts, crossbows do not really do anything without them. Make sure you know what length of bolt he needs. Sizes range from 14 "to 22" for common crossbows. Pistol crossbows can use even shorter bolts. The wrong length bolt should not be used, so make sure you get the correct size.

Prices will range from less than a dollar to the PSE Tac 10i Crossbow Bolts at $ 15 + per bolt. Target shooting is usually done with less expensive bolts, while hunting or competition would suggest a higher quality bolt.

Hunting also may require a broad head bolt tip. These tips themselves can range from $ 2 to the Rage 31000 Slipcam Expandable Broad heads at $ 13 + per tip.

2. Target

Bowmen need targets. Targets vary in size and price. From low cost $ 20 targets to the high end Hips Targets Hot Shot Series Hyper XT / Crossbow Target at $ 150 a target is a solid investment for any sportsman. Using a proper target will protect your bolts and help prevent accidents.

3. Cocking Device

There are two forms of cocking devices. A crank and a rope. The rope devices are generally cheaper and more generic. Crank designs may be crossbow model specific. These devices help the sportsman ready their bow to fire. They range in price from $ 20 to over $ 150.

4. Crossbow Case

Proper care and storage of your crossbow will protect the bow from damage and make it easy to store. The main types of cases are soft and hard. Soft cases are mainly just a padded cover, while hard cases provide serious protection for the bow. Case prices can range from $ 30 to over $ 140. Make sure you get a case that will fit your crossbow. This is especially important for hard cases.

5. Scope

Many crossbows will already have a scope. For these you will only need a scope if it is an upgrade to what the bow already has. Scopes can range from $ 30 to the Truglo 1.5-5X32 Crossbow Scope w / Illuminated Reticule at over $ 200. Scopes choices may also be limited to what type of mounting is available on your crossbow.

Any of these crossbow accessories will make your archery experience more enjoyable. If you are buying a gift for an enthusiast then find out as much as you can about his crossbow and what he needs to enhance his experience.