Top 5 Exercises for a Non Surgical Facelift

Perhaps the most affordable alternative to a traditional facelift operation is the idea that by doing a series of exercises everyday; you can help tone the muscles in the face and pull the skin covering the muscles tighter across the face, hence the idea of ​​a natural facelift. Whether these exercises will give you the results that you're after is unknown, but the significant lower cost of the exercises compared to getting surgery makes them very popular.

The most popular exercise method uses what is called isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are simply when you contract a muscle and then let it go. It does not sound like a big deal, but when these exercises are done in large quantities, the results can be dramatic.

The first of these exercises is centered around the eye muscles and is used to firm up the eyes and forehead. Simply close your eyes and tighten the muscles and relax then 100 times. If this is done every day, after 2-3 weeks, you should notice fewer lines on your forehead, the disappearance of crows' feet around the eyes and fewer wrinkles.

A second popular isometric exercise involves the cheeks. Simply tense up your cheek muscles and then relax them. Again, it's recommended you do it 100 times, and then 100 times every day afterwards. After a few weeks, noticeable changes are seen.

A third exercise that is common for the mouth. Suck your lips into your mouth as hard as you can, and then relax. Repeat 100 times and then repeat daily for best results.

Another common exercise is done by tensing the jaw as much as possible and then relaxing. While a fifth common exercise is done by tightening the muscles in the neck and then relaxing. While they may sound funny at first, many women have found them to be a free alternative to expensive surgery.

This kind of exercise can easily be translated to any part of the face, neck or hands. The key to proper isometric exercises is that the exercise be done in great qualities and repeated day after day. Many people who subscribe to this method of natural face lifting, set aside a part of their day, say first thing in the morning, to do their exercises and then make it a habit so they do not forget.

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It is also recommended that you start these exercises as the youngest age possible. Even with teenagers, the positive effects of isometric exercises can be seen. If the muscles in the face and neck are kept at their strongest during your teen years and into your twenties, it only makes sense that those same muscles would be kept strong for the rest of your life if the exercises were continued. That's not to say that if you're 50 and just starting these exercises that you will not see results, you'll just see more consistent and better results if you start them early.