Top 5 Most Expensive Rugs of the World

Each day we come across exciting innovations and inventions. Each industry offers new products based on extensive research and one can not remain without appreciating their level of perfection. Carpet industry has matured and helped improve the level of customer satisfaction through the introduction of very graceful functional rugs as well as carpets.

For purchasing a rug, each customer comes with its own set of preferences and choices. Rug lovers truly care about the perfection of every rug in order to decorate their homes perfectly. One may not have an idea of how expensive the rugs can be and gets really amazed to review the prices of handmade rugs available in the market.

To your surprise the following list includes the most expensive rugs of the world with very unique names. One can’t imagine the beauty of these carpets and surely wants to have a feeling of how beautiful these carpets can be. Enjoy the list.

Kirman Vase carpet

This is a mid 17th century Persian rug with the measurements of 11ft x 5ft. This rug became the latest most expensive rug. The carpet broke the record of Pearl Carpet Baroda. This carpet is made in Kimran, city of Iran. This city is renowned for its skilled craftsmanship and amazing artistry. It was sold for £6.2 million to an anonymous person.

Pearl Carpet of Baroda

This carpet is highly appreciated by so many authors because of its beauty and vigor. The Indian Baroda Maharaja commissioned the carpet during the 18th century. Two million pearls of Arabian Gulf are utilized for the embellishment. This carpet costs 5 million dollars and rightly so.

Persian Silk rug

The Persian silk rug is a 500 years old masterpiece. The use of colors and knot density of the Persian Silk rug is worth appreciating. It managed to bring 4.45 million dollars ($700 /square inch) during 2008.Doris Duke, famous collector of Persian and oriental area rugs is known to have owned it.

The Bayeux tapestry

The historical and monetary worth of this carpet is exceptional. This rug is about 70 meters in length and shows the battle of Hastings (1066). Few people are of the view that this historical rug was made in a city of England named Kent. Watching this piece is a great excitement.

Tabriz Medallion Carpet

This piece has been acquired recently for 2.4 million dollars by Sheikh al Thani of Qatar. This rug approximately measures around 24 feet lengthwise and belongs to 16th century. This rug is large as compared to other expensive carpet in this list.

With the passage of time, the rug art is becoming popular and more people are taking great interest in handmade Persian rugs as well as oriental area rugs. Rug lovers must purchase handmade rugs from an authentic rug company so that they can enjoy maximum benefits of quality carpets for a long time period. Online rug stores like Admin rugs offer exclusive sale discounts to customers and free of cost rug pads along with the every item purchase.