Top 5 Spots to Roller Blade in Tampa Florida

Roller Blading is a great, fun way to exercise while enjoying really great, tropical Florida scenery. Blading is less taxing on your joints and lets you enjoy longer excursions than running might allow. Having just moved back home after living up in cold New England- I decided to scope out the best top 5 spots to roller blade in the area to get just the right mix of blading and fun scenery.

After extensive research, I happened upon 5 very different and unique trails:

1. Pinellas Trail- longest trail in Pinellas County

2. Fort Desoto – breathtaking views of the water, sunshine skyway and you can even glimpse a manatee or two.

3. Skyway Trail

4. Old Gandy Bridge (Friendship Trail Bridge)

5. Upper Tampa Bay Trail

These top 5 roller blading destinations are spacious, expansive and have amazing scenery along the way. If you are looking for a long trail or a short trail- the Tampa Bay area has everything that you need. The Pinellas Trail is the most popular of trails here in the area. It has a variety of vendors and watering holes along the way to satisfy your thirst amongst the hot and humid weather.

In my research I also found a really great group that gathers each Sunday morning for various Roller Blading excursions around the bay. The Sunday Bladers group is an energetic group that takes rollerblading seriously!

The choices are many; but always remember to wear your safety gear when roller blading. Bring a camel back too so you have a constant supply of H2O.