Top 6 Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Bring Her in Your Arms

Some men may consider it cheesy to use romantic pick up lines on girls they are attracted to, but those men are narrow-minded. Romantic pick up lines can have a wonderful effect on the girl you are hoping to attract provided you use it in the right context and right time. I would never approach a girl and start by saying a romantic pick up line, that may very well look cheesy. There are a couple of steps you should take before delivering the line. You can find out more about those steps by reading about pick up artists and their methods on the internet (my website has information).

My view is that when you first approach a girl, you should appear neutral and don’t indicate that you are interested in her yet. That will improve your chances. The best way to approach a girl is usually by asking for her opinion on something. After you pass that phase and start a normal conversation with her, then with a smile on your face you can deliver romantic pick up lines. I compiled six great romantic pick up lines for you to use below:

1. I know we just met, but I think I love you. What are your thoughts on marriage?

2. Do you work for the FBI? Well you must, you are Fabulous, Beautiful and Intriguing.

3. I’m a professional thief. I stole some priceless paintings, diamonds, even a Bentley once. I’m looking to steal the most valuable item that exists. Can you help me on this big heist? Sure you can, tell me… how can I steal your heart?

4. Hey now I recognise you, you are the girl that appeared in my dream last night. I guess that makes you the girl of my dreams!

5. I am against body piercing and never pierced a part of my body before. But after I met you, I noticed a piercing in my heart.

6. I have a great job, a beautiful home, and a big bank account, but it all means nothing without someone like you to share it with.

Remember, as long as you deliver these romantic pick up lines with a smile on your face and have already approached her and have been speaking to her for a bit, then these should work wonders!

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