Top 7 Stylish Table Setting Ideas

Setting a table was once a fine art. Little girls were drilled in the art of how to set a stylish table. In some circles they were trained in not only how to set the table but also how to choose the finest implements with which to do so. Today although we are no longer snobbish about the dining table settings it is still a great idea to know how to set a table that will bring with it a flood of compliments. Below are seven of the top ideas from a well known design expert that will have you setting grand tables in no time flat.

1. Purchase an all white dinner service along with its complimentary serving pieces. You can add color to the table with napkins, the center piece and the flatware. You want the table to look uncluttered with clean lines and splashes of color not be overwhelmed by color. You are going for eclectic not chaos.

2. When dressing your dinner tables it alright to take clues from your personal style of dress. Don’t get so stuck on one theme. Mix it up and create something unusual as long as the results are still understated and gorgeous.

3. A table should speak volumes about the host and her taste. It should be quite ravishing whether the motif is one simplicity or intricacies. A table should also be a source of great pride for the hostess. As the hostess you have to be sure that the silverware and stemware are spotless. Your table setting is as important as what you wear to the dinner.

4. You can change the look of your table setting even if you only own one good set of china. If you use a pristine white table cloth use runners with bold colors. Chargers of unique design. Try colors that are not the norm, do not be afraid to be adventurous.

5. Instead of having the gigantic centerpiece that may be beautiful but obstructs the view of your other guest, try using a tablescape. This is easily accomplished with small trays made into desert landscapes or small bowls of floating flower buds on the table. Consider glass vases or candle lanterns to add a subtle flare. Add a few votive candles for atmosphere.

6. Pick a single flower and let it be the theme for the evening. Use it in strategic places throughout the home.

7. Choosing the right table cloth is also important. The cloth should be large enough to drape 10 to 12 inches.

A stylish table is a well dressed table that pays compliment to the hostess. It shows her personality and is welcoming. A table should look sophisticated and refined without looking untouchable.