Top Anxiety Natural Remedies

Anxiety is common and many times normal especially when under stress of deadlines and so on. It is a feeling of fear, worry and apprehension. However, there is anxiety that will raise an alarm. When it happens ‘out of the blue’, it can prove to be a stubborn and serious condition that needs the right remedies. Although there is no known justification to this feeling at certain times, the following anxiety natural remedies have been proven to work.

Anti-anxiety medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) will come with a myriad of side effects. However, going for herbs with an anti-anxiety action will evade this trap. Top herbs for this condition include Melissa officinalis, Lavandula augustifolia and Passiflora incarnata. They are some of the best known anxiety natural readies.

Melissa officinalis

This herb will be found in many parts of the world and has been used for thousands of years. It will not just cater to this condition but will also improve overall health. Those with cold sores will find it especially helpful as well. It is a common ingredient in many supplements found at drug stores and hospitals.

Lavandula augustifolia

This herb is known commonly as Lavender and has been studied extensively and it is one of the anxiety natural remedies. It has been used for years in central part of America and according to a study done in Michigan, sniffing the herb will ease the symptoms of depression.

Passiflora incarnate

This herb will fall under anxiety natural remedies and is also known as Passionflower. It will not just work to relieve the anxiety and depression, but has been found to act against feelings of nausea.

The anxiety natural remedies can be mixed together in certain proportions to offer people a perfect remedy that will promise to act and not have the ill-effects that come to life on the side.

Bodywork therapies will also help greatly and have been recognized as good anxiety natural remedies. They include massages, shiatsu and so on. They work by relieving tension in the muscles and this will also help with getting quality sleep.

Mind and body techniques

Under this category, anxiety natural remedies include physical exercises, yoga, hypnosis, meditation, prayers, tai chi and the list is endless.

The following are other anxiety natural remedies

Pantothenic acid



B vitamins

Valerian (herb)

Kava (herb)