Top Five Types of Flooring

A new floor can give any home or office a fresh look. There are several different types of materials, which can make it difficult to decide which one works best. To help narrow the options, here’s a look at five types of bases and how to best take care of them.


The rustic look has become a popular choice in many homes today. Hardwood is a great way to create a country ambiance. This type of flooring complements areas like hallways, foyers, dining rooms, and dens by giving them a soft, yet elegant style. For commercial space, hardwood can be ideal for reception areas and private offices, as it aids in creating an inviting atmosphere.

Keeping hardwood clean is simple with regular sweeping and gentle cleaners specific to the type of wood. Area rugs are perfect for hardwood and can be used to compliment the tone of the wood, while also protecting them and adding a dramatic flourish to the room.


High-quality carpet can brighten a room and create an inviting atmosphere. This can be perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other gathering spaces. Depending on the environment, commercial carpeting can work for both offices and restaurants. When choosing a carpet, consider things such as color and the types of fibers. The lighter the carpet, the more important it is to consistently vacuum, shampoo, and steam clean the carpet. Regular care and attention will help eliminate stains and avoid deterioration.


Live in a warmer climate? Consider installing tile. Compared to other types of flooring, tile helps to increase air circulation and can keep a room cool. Tile is also great for bathrooms and kitchens and is easy to clean. Utilizing area rugs on tile is also a great way to keep tile in good condition.


Stone can give any commercial space or house a majestic feel. With a variety of stone types available in a multitude of colors, a homeowner has nearly limitless options. Stone can work well in places like hallways, bathrooms, common areas, or kitchens and is simple to care for and does not absorb moisture the way some other materials do.


Vinyl is perfect for high-traffic areas in a home with young children and pets. It has changed over the years and has been designed to have a contemporary, modern look with lots of patterns from which to choose. Vinyl is also one of the easiest types of materials to clean. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep the vinyl in pristine condition. Use cleaning solutions that don’t have harsh chemicals and avoid exposure to too much direct sunlight.

Whether a homeowner is building or remodeling, floors should speak to their individual style and personal taste. When homeowners are in doubt, consulting with a reputable flooring company can be a prudent decision.