Top Reasons Why Document Scanning Makes Sense

Document scanning is not new technology and has been around now for many years. We have seen document scanning become mainstream in the last few years with advent of multifunction machines that print, copy and scan. Walk into any office supply store and you we will see an isle full of fax machines that scan, as well as print. There is off the shelf scanning software that will not only allow you to scan, but will allow you to create keyword searchable images for under $99.

1. Access – Scanned documents are easily shared by employees and staff who need fast access to business information. In most cases documents can be shared across a LAN, WAN or the Internet.

2. Security – Most document management systems allow for security at many levels. In most cases access to documents can be limited or restricted by user.

3. Compliance – Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Patriot Act all have requirements for safe-guarding information. Document retrieval systems that track user activity and provide audit trails help with many of the compliance guidelines businesses must adhere to.

4. Disaster Recovery – Although not the main reason, Disaster Recover or Contingency Planning is a by product of document scanning. Once document are scanned into an electronic format the images can be safely placed in a safe location, usually a fire-proof vault or offsite location.

5. Cost Savings – There are many costs associated with maintaining paper filing systems, labor to file, floor space, offsite storage, retrieval costs, boxes, file folders, faxing documents, toner cartridges. All of these costs are eliminated with document scanning.

6. Customer Service – Think about who your customers are, how long does it take to get your customer the answers they need. What if you could access that information in seconds. Would this have a positive impact on your customer service. It would if you were a bank, hospital, manufacturer, university, retailer or any other industry.

7. Space – Floor space can be reclaimed once file cabinets and boxes have been eliminated due to document scanning.

These are just a few of the reason why document scanning makes sense. For more information regarding document scanning services, systems and solutions visit us at